10/22 vs 9mm carbine
What Could Be Improved and WhyOne of the improvements that might be worth considering is the possibility of allowing it to accept M19 rounds. 10/22. Accuracy is where the blow-back really earns high marks, getting everything out of the Parabellum and a bit more. This weapon is fairly accurate and very lightweight allowing for complete mobility. Hook and Loop Holsters Using VELCRO® Brand Fasteners. A very inexpensive weapon that has good value as a training weapon or truck gun. According to the Chuck Hawks Handgun Recoil Table, a 2-lb pistol firing a 115-grain 9mm bullet at 1155 fps generates about 3.8 ft-lbs of recoil. Especially something that will change the length of pull. In order for a gun to obtain a high rating in this area, it has to work when you need it most. On the surface, the Storm has the external appeal of a bad Buck Rogers’ remake. With that said, it’s capable of hitting center mass at 100 yards, when you’re familiar with it. I wonder if these are like the “cop killer, Nyclads” of yesteryear? Which means it can take a lot of abuse. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Nickel plated and a stainless steel (barrel), the 9mm carbine (also available in .40 S&W and .45 ACP) is about as flashy as they come. Before that you could get handguns chambered in 44 henry and use the same rounds as your henty or 1866 yellowboy.but the 44/40 was much more powerfull and the 38/40 flatter shooting, While that Ruger PCC kind of has a cool PPSh look to it, I see no practical use for such a weapon. MSRP: $649; www.ruger.com Ruger PC Carbine from $799 at Guns.com. This question is asked a lot by many first-time users. I shot a friends and that was it. One of the distinguishable differences between a rifle and a carbine is the length of the barrel. Your email address will not be published. We will rate each weapon below using the three most important characteristics to our company: reliability, price point, and accuracy. With AR'S now selling in the 2K range thanks to panic buying due to fears of a new AWB, these two guns with price tags in the $250 range have a … In that era, larger-caliber bullets tended to perform better, especially JHP rounds. At least in theory, there’s an interesting benefit in that not only ammunition, but magazines can seamlessly move back and forth between pistols and carbines. Ruger 10/22 vs Hi-point 9mm carbine for HD which one and why? Aside from that, the firing ability is smooth and no jamming or reliability issues were reported after 100 to 200 rounds.​Why it Stands Out to UsOne of the reasons why we chose this was that it has some features that most carbine users would want the most. However, you’ll feel more force when shooting a light firearm than when firing a heavy one. And we’ve dug up 11 of them, all less than $1,000 and solid in performance. If you shoot a lot, it's going to be easier on you. From lever safety to paddle mag release and side charging handle, the PSA AK-V MOE Rifle is easy to slip into if you run an AK variant. Definitely a smart move on Kel-Tec’s part.Who Will Use This MostThis will be used by shooters who have struggled with the “lack of portability” issue in the past with previous firearms. MSRP: $779; www.palmettostatearmory.com PSAK-47 GF3 MOEKOV Rifle $749 Palmetto State Armory. Come on man. It's easier to shoot. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Granted, if you WANT a 10mm...go ahead! Tom McHale is the author of the Practical Guides book series that guides new and experienced shooters alike in a fun, approachable, and practical way. Not because of size,just because of ease of manuverability in a tight corner. Mind you, we didn’t choose these carbines randomly. Compared to some carbines that are initially being used, this one specifically won’t require you to add on any adjustments in an effort to reduce recoil. Longer sight radius allows more precision in sight picture while being far more forgiving of slight sight misalignments. The 9mm carbines are hitting the market at an accelerated rate relative to standard rifles and handguns due to their versatility. At that zero distance the round is till traveling up a hair after the zero point due to the barrel / scope relationship. It won’t be rendered useless for applications like small-game or varmint hunting or self-defense purposes. And have fun shooting those. Not just because of lack of power but because of the primer. It drops back down on the way to 200 yards, hence the 200-yard being less than 100-yard. And it comes with a fairly slick handguard, rife with M-LOK slots and excessively milled to make it featherweight. The selling point for the 9mm carbine is undoubtedly the cost of the 9mm ammo. Whatever you’re shooting, bullets that pass through interior or exterior walls are your responsibility. It’s a nimble bugger to boot. Required fields are marked *, Stay up to date with all things RE Factor Tactical with updates sent directly to your inbox, Best Affordable AR 9mm Carbine | Ruger PC, 9mm Carbines are rifles with a round usually found in pistols, 9mm Carbines are generally less accurate than AR15 carbines, In order for a gun to obtain a high rating in this area, it has to work when you need it most. The 7-pound rifle is heavy on Magpul furniture, with Magpul AK Polymer Grip, Black Magpul Polymer Upper/Lower Handguard, Black Magpul Zhukov (folding) Stock. We look at how each carbine functions with a high volume of rounds fired, along with how it handles magazine changes and weather conditions (i.e. Aside from the price tag, it definitely stands out in terms of overall performance and reliability. This also may be the smoothest firing weapon on the list. I wouldnt trust any rimfire for self defense. So if you have some 9mm rounds that you’re dying to fire off, you can use this carbine so long as the magazine accepts them. If you’re looking for a 9mm carbine that won’t suck the life out of your bank account, odds are you’ve found it in the Alex Pro Firearms 9mm Carbine. Faxon Firearms is no stranger to PCCs. However, 9mm also has a little less than half the muzzle energy than 10mm does. Today, the practicality of pistol-caliber carbines is hotly debated. Here’s a deciding factor that defies intuition. I will be interested in reading the responses. .30 Cal bullets while not being Spitzer boat-tails, still have a better ballistic coefficient than any short&fat Pistol Projectile. Of course, bullet design matters, so results vary with specific load choice. 9mm carbines range from $500- $2,200 depending on the model and level of customization. The Wilson AR9 gives the operator full confidence in the weapon to do the job if and when needed. Could this wonder bullet be the same thing as a jacketed hollow point? A trigger pull below 3.5 lbs is a great way to teach children to, Most Inexpensive AR 9mm Carbine | Keltec Sub 2000. In fact, a rule of thumb is that every three, yes just three, decibels represent a doubling of sound level. Yet it’s wispy enough to engage multiple targets as fast as you can pull the trigger. Varmint loads also fragment quickly while expanding mushroom bullets do not. This may also be used for those who intend to use it for home defense applications as well.What Could Be Improved and WhyOne of the things that might warrant an improvement is to figure out why the brass casings are flying out so fast, far, and furious. Whereas, the same average cost for 50 rounds of 5.56 ammo is $75.00. Minor catastrophes, be it blizzard or bushwacker, could leave a pioneer high and dry in the ammunition department. However, it’s receivers—particularly its upper—is much more blocky and taller than those on an AR. GunMann is reader-supported. Between the two, get the HiPoint. Nice touch, if you are a lefty that happens not to like hot brass flying across your face. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Furthermore, like a good date, it isn’t picky about what it eats. This is especially apparent in its ambidextrous nature that extends well beyond the magazine release. A 2.75-lb pistol firing a 180-grain 10mm projectile at 1295 fps - again, close to the original Norma loading - generates 11.4 ft-lbs of recoil. With AR'S now selling in the 2K range thanks to panic buying due to fears of a new AWB, these two guns with price tags in the $250 range have a … He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. The 10/22 is super reliable and with quality ammunition like cci mini mag's, stingers, or velocitors I wouldnt hesitate to use it in a HD situation. If money is not an issue, this is the gun for you. The Zenith is a very accurate and reliable weapon that is made by HK. It’s the kind of firearm that can be optimized for the right kind of applications like target shooting or self-defense. Here are the following characteristics that should be important to you: The highest magazine capacity for these carbines is approximately 30 to 35 rounds. There's nothing wrong with wanting one just because you want one. Most parts made from high-quality polymer and black finish. The barrel is fluted, the Dead-Blow action runs like clockwork and the muzzle is threaded, just in case you wanted to take advantage of the caliber’s eminent suppressibility. The key to shooting any firearm well is to press the trigger without moving the gun. If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. The answers to these questions can be found right here. All of these attributes are great, and a big reason it’s taking its place in the market is the cost of ownership. Since this is a Glock-style 9mm carbine it should be able to work with some 9mm caliber style magazines like the M19. With the economy being what it is, choices in H/D can often come down to money available. Point being, 9mm is the better choice for personal defense and general shooting purposes for MOST people. If you want more flexibility, concealment, and a practical gun at an affordable price, consider the 9mm carbine your weapon of choice. So, the bottom line? First and foremost, it’s a takedown rifle. In other words, compact...but not super compact. Ruger Driven: Imagine a Ruger PC Carbine in 10mm that takes Ruger 10mm 1911 magazines and Glock (or XD) 10mm double stack mags….. That gun would hunt (wild boar and whitetail deer, etc) and defend (from bears and/or 2 legged predators). Since then, the gap has closed completely; today's 9mm JHP performs as well in the real world as JHP rounds of larger calibers when - and this is the key - placed accurately. Here are some factors beyond raw power that may influence your decision. What works for some, may not work for others. The Wilson AR9 also gives homeowners the peace of mind they chose a reliable and accurate gun. For HD, where there is someone wanting to cause you harm already inside your home the 9mm will provide much better terminal performance against targets. Safe bet, you at least jingled your pocket change to see if you had enough to take one home? If you aren't an experienced shooter, it's going to be a lot less taxing on you. At 16 inches taken down, it’s a perfect insurance policy in a truck, boat or, what it was originally designed for, airplane. That means that 164 dB is not just 4% louder. With the ability to customize the entire gun exactly the way you want it makes the CZ Scorpion a great buy. Adept enough to consistently drill steel at 100-yard, longer if you want to push it, it definitely a precision shooter. Also, they are fun and ammo is dirt cheap. Even with its higher velocity of 1,264.3 fps, the PC Carbine generates just 1.14 foot-pounds of recoil energy. Just want to note that the bullet drop chat looks wonky for the .223 at 200 yards. Finally, it’s Glock magazine compatible, which is nearly a must nowadays given Glock calls the tune for 9mm mags. However, it is slightly shorter than your standard rifles. A pistol I’m testing now, the Sig Sauer P320 XCompact equipped with an adapter plate and Trijicon RMR red dot sight, weighs 1.5 pounds. Out of a carbine, the 9mm gains modest velocity, is highly suppressible, generates little recoil and is offered in more models. This is the carbine to get if you need it all from a single gun and/or you aren’t sure what the use case is for your 9mm carbine. The Ruger PC Carbine shown here weighs in at 7 ¾ pounds. Just use CCI ammo and quality mags, I had my 10 y/o daughter out today shooting the 10/22.


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