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: “These are our Luxe pillowcases embroidered with some cheeky phrases paired with Fresh’s must-have new night cream, a bedtime treat no-brainer, especially because I love a self-care gift and a little something to zhuzh up the bedroom. He got me a really cool ring from this store I love (no not a ring ring, I’m not married). Prizes shrank to low, low amounts—-usually not even more than $1,000—and the very last game on Valentine’s Day caused last host Matt Rogers to give the winner $5 out of his own pocket, while the other winners took home only one cent. I love puzzles! I wasn’t working, so it was already better than all the rest, and neither of us wore red (thank god).”, Answers may be condensed for length and clarity go. Plus it makes you eight years younger, and that to me is the best gift of all. Pamela Schein Murphy is the Founder + Creative Director of The Select 7, a curated lifestyle website that unlocks the worlds of today’s top tastemakers by inviting you into one person’s world for seven days. Conrad Ricamora. We played the individual daily games to “level up” and, generally, it was a 15-minute date with trivia. (Photo by Connie Wilson). Follow her adventures:  @LauraBingham93. Activist: Jewelry line 'bastardized' BLM movement. Donation to the Joyful Heart Foundation: “But what I’d really love this year (and what I think would be an amazing way for all men to recognize Valentine’s Day, frankly), would be a donation to an organization that’s near and dear to my heart, the Joyful Heart Foundation. 1. It becomes a day of giving each other an expression of love that has, let’s just say, no monetary value. 1. That being said, jewelry is always a great gift. (Photo by Connie Wilson). Embracing new connections and experiences can you bring you closer to one another (something that’s foundational to our approach at Life House).”. I have a pair in red velvet and another in green suede, but I’ve got my eye on a black pair called The Heron, because I somehow don’t have them in the only color I wear.”, Her best Valentine’s Day ever: “I came home from work at the apartment I share with my boyfriend to a giant bouquet of flowers, a bunch of lit candles and him cooking away in the kitchen. To help you plan an inspired Valentine’s date, we asked eight of the most creative women we know (writers, business owners, farm wranglers) to recount their most memorable February 14ths. For teens. 10 Photos You, A Man, Should Not Put in a Dating App Profile, How to Maximize the Mental Health Benefits of Masturbation, End of an Era: Charlie Brown Holiday Specials Moving to Apple TV+, Let’s Review England’s Very Confusing Coronavirus Sex Rules, 5 Things You Should Keep in Your Home If You Want Women to Sleep There, How One ’90s Concept Car Saved Porsche as We Know It, Why You Can Blame the Houston Astros for Ruining the World Series in 2020. Powered by WordPress & Theme by Anders Norén, Weekly Wilson - Blog of Author Connie C. Wilson, H.Q. She has worked at women’s magazines such as Fitness, Mirabella, Elle and Glamour. in Austin, Texas at SXSW on March 10 at 4:15 p.m. CDT. All rights reserved. A custom puzzle: “But as a present idea, I think a puzzle of a memorable place or photo (you can have them custom made) is very sweet! I am sad to see H.Q. It’s not something I tend to get for myself, but love to get. I’d even personally send you a video talking about the farmers that grow the food if you email me (, One gift I’d love to receive for Valentine’s Day is another pair of Birdies to add to my little collection. It was founded by Mariska Hargitay in 2004 to help survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse heal and reclaim their lives. And about those gifts? I’d love to learn how to make my own pasta, so that would be the cooking class at the top of my list.”, Her best Valentine’s Day ever: “My husband surprised me with cooking a three-course dinner with some serious undertaking behind it. The news articles, Tweets, and blog posts do not represent IMDb's opinions nor can we guarantee that the reporting therein is completely factual. Her memoir “Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy” was optioned for a feature film. My then-boyfriend-now-husband and I have officially made Feb 15th our Valentine’s eve for going out. It was rather unexpected that the game was going to tank completely, however. Yes, you really should get your partner flowers this Valentine’s Day. Basically, it’s a voice recorder hidden inside this cute handmade wooden box that’s dedicated to honeyed words from your admirer. It’s free. I got to do almost everything I love in one day in a beautiful city (good food, farms, nature); I loved knowing what makes me happy and having the power to make my own happiness.”. A card you wrote yourself: “A well written card that says why I mean so much to that person. 3. Clearly, he had something else in mind. And it’s sweet that you can keep the spirit of this gift going for, well, as long as your relationship keeps going … or until you decide not to replace the batteries.”, Her best Valentine’s Day ever: “As soon as you tell me that the expectation on Valentine’s Day is to buy some roses and go out for a fancy dinner, I instantly want to rebel against it. Sally Roisman — at the time Sara Pola Zielinksi — was asleep in a bed she shared with her mother and two sisters in the Sosnowiec ghetto when she was suddenly awakened by … I used to work in restaurants and we literally played bingo on Valentine’s Day. 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Comedian - Whose Line Is It Anyway? “I’ve gotten it for Rich before (we learned how to make pizza), and I think it’s a lot more fun and interactive than the standard going out to dinner. Plus there was the jewelry he had purchased (a gold ring with the initial “R”). We will not trade,  sell,  or otherwise distribute your e-mail information. I understand this impulse, as I’m going to be starting one on February 27th at 7 pm. Then there was Laina Alainna and her non-stop singing and posing during a Friday night music game. We can all agree that the joy and fun of communication has been ripped from our email and voicemail, but I found that it still exists in analog form with this Message In a Box. Book an experience: “Today, experiences top material goods. Stand-up comic Matt Rogers did his best to inject enthusiasm into the mix after Rogowsky’s departure, and his co-host for the Words game, Anna Roisman, was competent in her verbal duties, if sometimes annoying in other ways. Not to say we pretend February 14th doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s not overlooked for some people, but it’s not something I’ve received! Had I known, I would have “cashed in” the $13 I was owed earlier. Plus, we got to eat our pizza at the end, which made it all the more delicious. The final night (Valentine’s Day evening) co-hosts Matt Richards (“Money-flipping Matt Richards”) and  co-host Anna Roisman (the poor man’s Sarah Silverman) Matt had just consumed a large meal consisting of crab legs and shrimp and lots of booze. Wen-Jay Ying is the Founder of Local Roots NYC, a customizable farmers market brought right to New Yorkers with pick up points at bars and cafes. I can rent specialty lenses or a second body, or try out new gear I may want to invest in in the future. Anna kept shilling for her podcast. This year will be the first Valentine’s Day we have ever spent together, our lives are so extreme that one of us always seems to be away on this romantic day … So stay tuned, as they say!”. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. Here’s a bonus recommendation …, Photojuice Photography; Toa Heftiba on Unsplash. !’ Probably because they’re expensive. He was totally chill with going on a different night and it could be, like, our secret. Meanwhile, veterans of marketing and coding were defecting and the staff that was left was trying to find a way to attract new downloads of the app, which had declined 92% over time. Ed Sheeran Lookalike. $79. Trivia, “live” in Austin at SXSW. I think my best Valentine’s Day date was probably last year with my boyfriend, because we celebrated it on like … February 17th! Ed Sheeran Lookalike. It’s a gift that gets you to relax, let go of your stress for an hour (come on, throw in the 90-minute one) and feel good about yourself. If you want specifics, I’d be pretty happy if I came home to this.”, 2. I understand facials, right?”, Her best Valentine’s Day ever: “Valentine’s Day has always been a holiday I’m not too fond of. Totally indulgent and relaxing. It’s something I never think to buy myself, and whenever I do get a massage or a facial, I always think, ‘Wait, why don’t I do this more often? I understand facials, right?”. Anyone who understands my passion for photography would know that having access to equipment I don’t own for trips and assignments is a dream come true.


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