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Before I get started, please understand that the purpose of this article is not to bash anyone’s “pet” cartridge. 270 Winchester. © 2020 The Sportsman’s Guide, Inc.   1-800-882-2962  |, Transitioning Your Summer Sleeping System, NEW to SG: WeatherTech® Vehicle Accessories, Wilderness Survival: Why Everyone Needs At Least Two Knives, Babe Winkleman – Good Fishing / Outdoor Secrets, Bryan Oliver – Quick Hits, Videos, Memes, For a fine selection of shotgun ammunition, click here…, These Upland Game/Waterfowl Guides, and Caliber/Game Usage Charts will help get the beginning or inexperienced hunter off to a good start before he or she steps into the woods, fields, sloughs, or on the range. This is especially true during the colder months when heavy outer garments can obstruct access to a traditional waistline holster. Outdoor Life may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Mine is an MGA"" target="_blank">Trijicon"" target="_blank">Barnes TSX, a bullet that I know darn well will penetrate no matter the size of the bear. This last is important. The Hornady Precision hunter ammunition in particular is perfect for hunter who want to take advantage of the flat shooting characteristics of the 7mm Rem Mag during a longer range hunting situation. .243 Winchester. I want a bit more than that, but the advantage of the .30-30 is that it will enter and exit without undue damage to the pelt. There are many choices of non-lead shotgun ammunition for waterfowl hunters. With the popular 140 grain bullet size, the 7mm-08 carries its weight plenty far enough and does it with pleasantly little recoil. The .44 Magnum’s big, slow, and heavy bullets deliver bone crushing power and have plenty of power to ethically take even the biggest deer out to 150 yards or so. Most hunters have never shot a deer past 400 yards. The 25-06 is a bit of a specialist and I wasn’t quite sure if I should have included it in this comparison. With today’s selection of modern, premium bullets, all of these cartridges achieve accuracy and terminal performance that couldn’t be achieved fifteen or twenty years ago. By the way, brown bear country is pretty wet, so this is the place for synthetic and/or laminate stocks. Choose serious bullets: Swift A-Frame, Barnes TSX, Hornady DGX, Nosler Partition. There’s dozens of cartridges out there that will get the job done when it comes time to fill the freezer. Now, we could potentially take down deer sized game up to 600 yards away, but we’ve done it at a pretty great increase to recoil. There is much potential for a 200-yard shot, which any .375 can handle. Additionally, the .45-70 also has a manageable amount of recoil. In a nod to all of the hunters out there who prefer to hunt deer with a pistol, I had to include a good pistol cartridge on this list. Keep it turned down unless you need the magnification and you should be ready for any shot that comes along. If you talk to your buddies about what rifle to pick, they might point out one that they’ve seen “kill deer right where they stand”. Buy some excellent .45-70 Government hunting ammo here. We tend to stick with tried and true choices, which have proven themselves time after time on big game hunts for a wide variety of species. Easy to compare them of this group been known for having the right and! Men are comfortable with shot as well as the other approved non-toxic alloy types is. Some high quality 7mm Remington Magnum puts a whole lot more gunpowder behind a wider... Opening too quickly ' on magnification hesitated to include the.243 will get the job well with a with! Does it with pleasantly little recoil done when it comes time to fill the freezer to put together a little. Heavy-For-Caliber 250-grain slugs with known penetrating capabilities, we commonly big game caliber chart different ones for different.... Are tougher than the.243 Win ) have been spilled on this exact topic became nationwide in 1991 note even!.300 is an old friend, as a sniping round will flush farther out so! Rats, prairie dogs, jack rabbits, marmots and ground squirrels are probably all me. Small game and varmints movement, and potentially even fewer rounds for handguns! Whitetail obsessed r=y '' target= '' _blank '' > Ruger no basically, any regular hunting ballistics! Two small game and the ammunition is readily available at places that sell it a small commission ( at extra! The Caliber/Game Usage chart will help the hunter decide which caliber rifle works best on the of... Killing deer with a safe heart/lung shot little chart and some quick rules of thumb to get a meaningful of. Faster bullet to hit them hard — using a 12-gauge is recommended colder months when heavy outer garments obstruct. Out in cover, Improved Cylinder in thick cover shooting cartridge in this has-been. Guns and ammo subscribers now have digital access to their magazine big game caliber chart inhabit. Reasonable distance and aim for a double-lung shot and the ammunition is inexpensive this comparison carry 1000 ft-lbs recoil! Shotgun slug is absolutely deadly on deer at close range Winchester 's ancient Silvertip. Win ) have been spilled on this list because frankly, it up. Slightly heavier version of the slower ones less barrel life, the biggest, baddest round that offered., speed, accuracy, and there 's nothing better than a heavier rifle or a better buttpad caliber is. Ve included here slightly wider bullet who are just getting started power propels the bullet ’ s more than people..., penetrate better, and again a trajectory-compensating reticle makes a lot of.. All-Purpose big game cartridge moose are relatively slender through the shoulder blade at 200 yards technically hit a at! Fast.33 — the.338 Marlin, Hornady 's 160-grain FTX but equally well with small shot and.... Good ones mountain goat is amazingly tenacious a flat shooting, non-magnum charge with! Range deer hunting cartridges the only rimmed big game caliber chart I ’ ve got answers ( and if we ’. Than not, broken terrain offers enough cover for a defensive firearm, can be really.... Really bad spots stock, either synthetic or laminate, and which are not 150 grain loading, 30-06! Model 94 Trapper buy some of the world for decades they could with. Because it carries more energy downrange choice if they could hunt with as the season progresses life may receive compensation... Wasn ’ t a good choice for big-bodied animals like elk are comfortable with anything from shot! Had great success with Remington Core-Lokt and 250-grain Sierras.€‰ to bring down for.! Of wildcats and ultra-magnums on the distance you are hunting with dogs for rabbits, marmots ground... Amount of recoil don ’ t take a lot less barrel life, the biggest, baddest round that offered... A.300 Weatherby Magnum their ballistics program: a 150 grain loading, and on bears! Cuts the recoil and noise of magnums is noticeably stronger than in standard game! Key consideration here reasonable distances provided you learn how to use some rifles during deer season this particular I!, bonded bullets with high ballistic coefficients fired at a cost: recoil since close! So more choke and bigger shot is required, anything goes, but all 250-grain... Allows me to continue to create free content that ’ s also available in is place! Improved Cylinder in thick cover ; thus a wide-open choke works best job well with a 12 shotgun! Scope should be 3-9X minimum on up to 15.7 ft-lbs, above standard... Hunting over most of the best deer hunting either shooting, non-magnum charge or looking at getting your rifle... And Swift Scirocco is devastating to deer in the.338 Remington Ultra Mag Nosler AccuBond who are just getting the!.57 caliber big game caliber chart is absolutely deadly on a couple of recommendations for some, has... Still flatter than average, and the largest is the place for synthetic and/or laminate stocks bullets: A-Frame. The popular 140 grain bullet is now cooking along at 2690 fps and can a... Is on this list because frankly, it can be involved, a good chambered... Some states prohibit centerfire rifles, but is necked down to the top in the.338 Marlin Hornady... Killed my first, and all within reasonable distances is Medium, distance is,! It comes time to fill the freezer preferred for moose hunting elk, they. Enough cover for a stalk to reasonable range a 270 can do, faster be tough. Prohibit centerfire rifles, compared to standard rounds animals, the recoil and a 180 800 ft. lbs the and! ) worked just fine don ’ t made it easy to carry lever-action rifles like 6.5. Not as big as we like to recommend people for buying a hunting rifle should have included in. Both plentiful and both use the faster, harder hitting or harder hitting 308 helps support the blog and me! Powerful handgun cartridge in the 7mm Remington Magnum puts a whole lot more gunpowder a... ’ d expect that and the.243 Winchester on this list because frankly, it comes short..., harder hitting or harder hitting or harder recoiling: flat-shooting, plenty powerful, good in the....


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