botched season 6 episode 15 patients
A woman with four implants in her chest seeks Dr. Dubrow's help to remove them while a transgender patient from Australia wants to add two implants on top of her head to replace her Bump It and Dr. Nassif tries to help an Italian woman get rid of her cannoli nose. While Dr. Nassif steps into the surgical ring to help a boxer's crushed nose, Dr. Dubrow needs his A game to bring a young woman's dead breasts back to life. A UK patient with a duck butt and bulging belly forces Dr. Dubrow to perform a two-stage revision to restore her 24 year old body. Its Sunday night debut on June 29, 2014, was watched by 1.2 million viewers. A woman with four implants in her chest wants them removed. Dr. Nassif helps a woman fix her Scotty Pippen nose, and the doctors try not to get distracted by her hot hubby. Meanwhile, a sheriff shows the doctors a football-size bulge after surviving kidney cancer. Meanwhile, the doctors get served looks from a filler-obsessed nose patient. Through therapy sessions and a series of dates, these celebrities can begin to right the wrongs of their romantic past…and may even find love with each other. Available to stream, rent, or purchase on: Share with friends: Discover. A mom who claims Santa broke her nose seeks Dr. Nassif's help, while a woman with cobwebbed areolas is haunted by the ghosts of surgeries past. A woman with breasts that appear to be melting off her body forces Dr. Dubrow to think outside the box. A patient seeks a boob job after a near-death experience in the operating room. Reality Star Vixens and Their Afflictions, 20. Dr. Dubrow lifts a woman's spirit and her udderly disastrous sagging breasts while Dr. Nassif does a rhinoplasty on a woman who has beef with her "pig nose." Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! A filler obsessed Australian wants Dr. Dubrow to increase her breast size while a surgery in the Dominican Republic left a patient with only one breast. Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. A drag queen striving for perfection seeks help for his silicone lip injections gone wrong. A Dutch performer wants her butt to be ready for the camera. A young woman seeks Dr. Dubrow's help after her implant had to be removed three times leaving her with only one breast. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Botched 's first season, consisting of eight episodes, ended on August 17, 2014. A filler obsessed Australian wants Dr. Dubrow to increase her breast size while a surgery in the Dominican Republic left a patient in the ER and with only one breast. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Most Outrageous Before & Afters Countdown. Watch Surgically Enhanced S6 E15 (Season 6, Episode 75) of Botched or get episode details on Cookies help us deliver our services. A young woman with "side nipple" visits the doctors, while another woman needs her nose fixed after her face was disfigured from a car accident. October 12, 2020. Dr. Nassif pulls out all the stops to help a woman headbutted by a bulldog and who is now missing the inside of her nose, while Dr. Dubrow must remove a breast lump in hopes of stopping a leaking nipple. Digging deeper into the headlines of celebrity news and celebrity gossip magazines, this reality series brings together eight single celebrities who have all had their hearts broken repeatedly. Looking back on some of the most bizarre patients, including a dynamic duo, a human cartoon and more. Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow look back at patients obsessed with everything being bigger, nothing ever being enough, to even being obsessed with looking like a celebrity.


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