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), (Green and purple shirt under gold suspenders with yellow pants and green shoes. DIO appears in the game's opening, during a scene where Giorno Giovanna looks at the picture of his father in his wallet (replicating the action taken in an early chapter from Vento Aureo). ", Dio: "I don't know. While not shown in the manga or anime in earlier chapters, Shadow Dio is capable of throwing knives. rush. Now an adult, Dio decides to make his move and take the Joestar fortune by secretly poisoning George with the same poison he used to kill Dario. This is his form during the beginning of the DIO's World story arc. The Nijimura Patriarch, like others, sold his soul to DIO and had a flesh bud implanted on his forehead, similar to Polnareff and Kakyoin. JoJo! He notably wanted the Joestar Group to come to him so that he could suck the blood of a Joestar and sync himself up with Jonathan's body to bolster his powers further. Profile In Phantom Blood, Dio is ambitious, selfish, arrogant, callous and megalomaniacal, seemingly able to do anything to achieve his aims. It is revealed that the words in his diary are from a nursery song she sung him. To be able to use him well, DIO players must have the reflexes to perform their super moves at the right moment and often with right judgement. — Avdol saving Polnareff from Cameo’s Judgment. I pay 50 times more in taxes than ordinary people! You could serve me forever, hm? ), From JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia - JoJo Wiki, Obliteration of the body from Stand destruction, I reject my humanity! ), (Magenta-red and white suit with purple scarf under brown vest. How I do it... doesn't matter! DIO does not have a visible face as an effect of the shadowy darkness of his mansion. However it is a common misconception that the original Japanese of the line is Toki wo Tomare (時を止まれ) which is grammatically awkward as it would translate as "to stop time." He also possesses a graphic command grab involving him jamming his fingers into his foe's face before physically discarding them (but it does not actually steal their life to add to Dio's own). Jonathan breaks free, and Dio breaks Luck & Pluck. Ce dernier réussira à le mettre à terre. VampireHuman (formerly) But Diavolo's "TEIOU WA KONO DIABORO DA!!" His Chi no Shoukan (Bloody Summoning), added in the second game, requires the enemy to be hit before he sucks their blood via the same command grab animation he possessed as Shadow Dio. Anglais Soon, I'll be able to stop time for one minute, ten minutes, even an hour someday! Basically, I will take the body of the one man I admire and live gorgeously forever! BT, a protagonist in Gorgeous Irene, is a likely basis for young Dio.[10]. or his HHA hang in the air, notably doing more damage if they hit the opponent after time resumes than if they were to have connected immediately. He primarily uses his Stand, The World, and its time stop ability to deal major damage to the player characters. Aside from Pucci, several other figures emerge, shown to have ties to DIO: Johngalli A is one of DIO's underlings who bears a grudge against the Joestars for DIO's demise, and Ungalo, Rikiel and Donatello Versus are, like Giorno, DIO's illegitimate children. However, a few days later when Wang Chan visits the charred remains of the house to find items to sell for profit, Dio resurfaces and drains his blood while vowing vengeance against Jonathan. (. There is a limit to what you humans can do. —His thoughts about his father and his early. The English translation is "Weakling! Regardless, Jonathan uses his remaining Ripple to sabotage the ship to explode in a final attempt to end Dio for good. Sorry I'll shut up now. A resurgence of popular interest in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure occurred when "WRYYYYY!" I'm burning with power! All damage to him aside from Ripple-based will become "white damage", that can be healed over time, and inversely, Dio will take more damage from Ripple-based attacks. By being the greatest villain in the game, his Metal Strikers are naturally the hardest ones to obtain in the game, usually requiring special conditions and tasks to be earned. Occupation Notably in one variation of his final fight with Jonathan, Dio can instead briefly plant his head on the body of the drunken priest Styx before making his final move.


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