does takagi like nishikata
She's on his mind about 95% of the time, which is her whole intention. Nishikata is an average looking boy with seemingly tiny black irises/pupils compared to the other characters, black hair, and thin eyebrows. The two of them are seen watching the fireworks together in Epsiode 12 of Season 2, and when Hojo moves closer to him, he clearly notices and is more than a bit happy. Takagi is well aware he's holding back out of fear of looking unmanly, and takes full advantage to tease him about it. It is a slice-of-life anime like no other. Her solution is to do something to make that idea. Since there’s already a question about why Takagi likes Nishikata, I’d like to know why Nishikata likes Takagi. Nishikata insists it isn't a date, and Takagi wonders aloud what their classmates would say about that... just before two of Nishikata's male friends walk into the shop. After Nishikata gives a wrong answer, Takagi whispers to herself that she'd already given him the answer. He freaks out and excuses himself, only for Takagi to reveal after he leaves that she was fighting down a blush and struggles to keep herself from smiling stupidly as she bikes home. How should I put everything in simpler terms? As seen in both the manga and anime, Nishikata spends almost every waking moment planning and devising ways to get revenge on Takagi. He's very prone to deny his more gentler self. Even Nishikata himself doesn't know that he likes her. Press J to jump to the feed. The numerous hints of potential romance between Nishikata and Takagi is the focus of the series, though it's mostly on Nishikata's side. Takagi is also unsure of what Nishikata thinks of her. Do you want something wilder and crazier? As such, this makes Mano the active side of the relationship. In the Karakai Jōzu no (Moto) Takagi-san spin-off, and in chapter 31 of the regular manga, Takagi and Nishikata are married and have a child named Chi. Nakai and Mano are friends and classmates of Nishikata and Takagi. Takagi is trying to break the status quo by getting closer to Nishikata, but winds up teasing him like she always does every time. I feel like they have that vibe but the only difference is meeting in the first year of middle. For example, in Episode 7, there is a scene added to Chapter 28 ("Room") where Nishikata and Takagi study in his room and accidentally touch hands. Hojo is also aware of the rumor, and blushes as hard as he does when the dance ends and they're still holding hands. They both have similar interests in terms of the manga and TV shows they like. And so, with this chance at hand, I come to exhume it and present it as an anime worthy of being regarded as an anime with the same caliber as Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. When it comes to being pure and lighthearted, Barakamon is a mighty contender to beat! On another occasion, she convinces Nishikata to invite her into his house by promising to let him copy whatever homework she had on her. You remind me of Nishikata from Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. In the end, only Nishikata can break the status quo by picking up on the hints Takagi … The first short of episode 10 focuses on Takagi seeing if she or Nishikata is taller. From Nishikata's perspective, Takagi is just a classmate who only teases him to order to embarrass him whenever they are together. Beware of unmarked spoilers, including for the spin-offs. Mind you, this show is composed of multiple simple yet short episodes depicting various characters. For those who don’t know about it, then you’re in for some purposeful and heartwarming entertainment! She sits beside Nishikata in class, often runs into him outside of school and always teases him about something. Unfortunately, Takagi intends to take it easy on him because he has a cold. Considering that the rumor is that if you hold your crush's hands when the dance ends your love becomes mutual (and Hojo already kind of likes him), he got exactly what he wanted. While it's no secret Hamaguchi has a massive crush on Hojo, Hojo is implied to be more than willing to reciprocate. It just makes you feel bubbly and warm inside. In Chapter 49, Chi walks in on Nishikata hovering over Takagi with his hands on her shoulders and her eyes closed as if he's going for a kiss (he was just massaging her), much like how Yukari walks in on them in the exact same positions in the original series (he was simply trying to apply eye drops). I’ve already said this but I want to say it again: “Aho Girl is a wilder and crazier version of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san!” Now that you’ve got that noted, pick it up and treat your abs to an intense workout with the chortles it brings! Despite the constant teasing and embarrassment, he does not give up on his main goal, which is getting back at Takagi. As of Chapter 34, Nishikata now has a picture of a smiling Takagi … He then wonders if it counts as a date, but then shakes those thoughts out of his head by reminding himself they only met up because she's helping him learn to ride a bike with a passenger. Takagi always does that without any bad intentions, and I always think that it’s really cute, the way she does it. Having said that, rest assured that this is no boring show. Your face is so red that it makes you all the more teasable. Mano and Nakai are Takagi and Nishikata's classmates who're revealed very early on to be dating. Oops! In Chapter 19, Nishikata attempts to make himself unteasable by acting like the Clint Eastwood-like character Dandy of the movie. In Chapter 108, Hamaguchi tells Nishikata and Takao that it's pretty much common knowledge throughout the school that they like Takagi and Sanae, respectively. Nakai is Nishikata's friend and classmate. I’m not saying that I’m correct with my assumption, but why are you blushing? In Chapter 36, when Takagi asks Nishikata if it's okay that he brushed off his friends, he nonchalantly replies, "I wanted to go home with you.". Nishikata and Takagi become second years in Chapter 107, drink from the same can of juice Takagi already has. In Chapter 36, when Nishikata brushes off a group of his male friends to walk home with Takagi because his horoscope said that it would be his lucky day and he interpreted it as him finally beating Takagi.


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