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Contents. In the fourth season, he saved his people, including Riley, who were held as slaves by an Ice Nation gang. In a 2007 episode of Boston Legal, footage of a 1957 episode of Studio One was used. He listened to the false information she delivered in order to save Clarke. With Abby dead, Jackson acts as Sanctum's doctor and helps Indra painfully remove, Teach Grant as Cuyler Ridley (season 1): An Ark mechanic whose wife died in the Culling. With the help of a compassionate Disciple scientist named Levitt, Hope succeeded in sending Octavia back to Sanctum, but the travel wiped Octavia's memory of her time away. As later revealed, she became against the ritual murder of Oblation after falling in love with a Null named Isaac. After being poisoned, Octavia seeks healing from the mysterious Anomaly with the help of Gabriel Santiago. A.L.I.E. [7] However, as Dalmas had not participated in sufficient races during the season, he was unable to claim the two World Championship points. During two years in the bunker, Abby's actions caused Octavia to become more dark and hateful that led to her ruthless actions as ruler of Wonkru, including murdering anyone who tries to defect, killing some of her own people in order to force them to stay alive when the only source of protein is their own dead, and culminating in her burning down the Hydrofarm in the bunker in order to force a conflict for the Shadow Valley rather than negotiating peace. In "What You Take With You", Kane decides to commit suicide rather than continuing to live in someone else's body. [4] In Austria, Alliot started 22nd, again the fastest in his class. They commissioned a car from Lola, and the result was the LC87, designed by Eric Broadley and Ralph Bellamy. 10.3k Shares. Wonkru is a new, united clan, consisting of the former eleven remaining Grounder clans (all of Floukru died) and Skaikru, founded by Octavia Blake. In the sixth season, Murphy allies himself with the Primes on Sanctum after being offered immortality for himself and Emori despite the Primes killing Clarke to become Josephine Lightbourne's new host. After the disappearance of Hope and the kidnapping of Bellamy Blake by the mysterious Disciples, Gabriel joined Echo and Hope in traveling through the Anomaly in search of their friends, emerging on another planet named Skyring by Hope where time ran much faster due to time dilation and where Octavia had spent ten years with Diyoza and Hope before being captured by the Disciples. Paul Bettany (born 27 May 1971) is an English-American actor. However, the name the 100 is a slight misnomer, since, along with the aforementioned hundred delinquents, there were also two additional young adults who came with them to Earth; one was a security guard who snuck aboard their ship to ensure the safety of his sister, and the other was a young engineer who came down to Earth in a pod shortly afterward to reassure the council that the delinquents survived their journey. [16] He was activated on September 13, 2014. This transforms her into a strong but personally troubled heroine in the series, as she continues to struggle to reunify humankind by maintaining the uneasy peace between the Arkers and some of the Grounders, and between groups among her own people. 's control over everyone dissolves, Murphy stays behind with Emori. Stranded outside, David is killed either by the rising radiation levels or the death wave while his sacrifice ensures his son's continuing survival. reveals that her actions have been to save humanity from a coming second nuclear apocalypse caused by the meltdown of power plants across the world that survived the bombing. [4] Soon after, Bettany dropped out of school, left home, and became a street performer in London. KK Berane Bobcats is a professional basketball club from Berane, Montenegro. He is rescued when Clarke and Abby take the bullet out of his chest. After being healed, Octavia decides to seek redemption for her actions and declares herself Blodreina no more. [3] He finished his senior season with 24 receptions, 280 receiving yards, and two receiving touchdowns. He spent the autumn of 2005 filming The Da Vinci Code, based on Dan Brown's best-selling novel and starring Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou and Ian McKellen. Having discovered A.L.I.E., the artificial intelligence that controls the City of Light, Jaha has become the delegated leader of A.L.I.E. Tasya Teles was promoted to the main cast in the series' fifth season, after appearing as a guest in the second and third seasons, and recurring in the fourth. Unknown to the Children of Gabriel, Gabriel has been hiding amongst them as Xavier, a high-ranking and less extreme member of the organization, having been unwillingly resurrected in Xavier's body after his last host died. As a result, Echo becomes convinced that Orlando can't be trusted on Bardo and strands Orlando on Skyring with a knife to cut himself free. However, a hallucination of Sinclair helps Raven to come up with a way to purge the code and save her own life. The Dark Commander slit Russell's throat, killing him and destroying Russell's consciousness. In the third season, he saw Clarke while she was a prisoner of Roan. Bettany reprised his voice role as J.A.R.V.I.S. As he is still disliked in Camp Jaha, he accompanies Jaha to find the City of Light. After the rebellion, Gabriel discovered a tattoo on Octavia's back matching the symbols on the Anomaly Stone, a mysterious artifact connected to the Anomaly that he had been studying for over a century. and A.L.I.E. Richard Harmon was promoted to the main cast in the third season, after recurring in the first and second seasons. In the fourth season, he comes up with the idea of protecting his people by shielding Arkadia with a hydrogen generator and recruits Bellamy, Harper and Miller to procure it. However, in season 6, she falls under the influence of the spirit of the Dark Commander, an evil and insane previous Commander who, in the past, has been held at bay by the spirits of the other Commanders. Down on the ground, she tries to ensure the 100's survival by assisting in the acquisition of food and resources, and she also continuously serves as their main medic before her mother and the other medical staff join them on Earth.


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