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Frank Hamer: Stick ’em up. He loved bicycles. The guy swung the axe and Hamer blasted him. Frank Hamer: Well, are you? Working primarily along the South Texas border, Hamer became known as an expert shot. Here he is with their captured guns. With this many gun toters, the stage was set for trouble. They’re armed to kill. Frank Hamer: I won’t argue that. Mar 31, 2019 - Francis Augustus Hamer was a peace officer from 1906 to 1932. Nevertheless, Hamer used buckshot on the crowd and wounded at least two as they charged up the stairs of the courthouse. Detective John Quinn: Wild Bill Hickok. Charlie Stevens (center, with binoculars). Fortas advised them to make an argument to a Court of Appeals judge that they knew would quickly rule against Johnson- thereby avoiding the usual delays that occur when judges take cases under advisement- often for days and weeks- during which the deadline for getting on the ballot would be lost for LBJ. Frank Hamer: No. Unless you think I’m useless. The rifle was modified to accept a “police only” 15-round magazine. He passed away from a stroke on July 10, 1955, at the age of 71. The abandoned V8 spoke volumes to the able lawmen of Dallas County and to the Rangers. Maybe a little too honest. The murdering thieves of the ealy 20th century are legendary but how much do you know about the man who helped end the era of free roaming bank robbers like Bonnie & Clyde ? Hamer married Gladys Johnson while she and her brother, Emmett, were under indictment for killing Gladys’ ex-husband, Ed Sims. Not to mention, tactically, it is just not a good idea to walk into a trap when you suspect that it is there waiting for you. That would have been the polite thing to do. Reporter: Some folks are saying that Parker and Barrow are heroes, calling them Robin Hoods. This isn’t Llano County. Ted Hinton, in his book “Ambush“, declares that two of the Colt automatics at the ambush were .38 Supers. Hamer also took off his own coat and displayed the weapon that he was still authorized to carry in retirement as a “Special Ranger” employed by the Texas Oil Company. Lee Simmons: Was a time we’d put a pair of man killers on the trail and let them do their job. I urge the reader to read on with curiosity and understanding. The lawyers got to look at the records just long enough to make notes and it soon became apparent that Lyndon Johnson had engaged in a massive election fraud that was unprecedented even by the standards then prevalent in Texas where ranchers and political bosses were able to deliver blocs of voters to candidates willing to pay the highest price. Dallas County Sheriff’s Deputy Bob Alcorn and another Dallas County deputy, Ted Hinton, had previously been involved in an attempt to ambush Barrow and Parker, in November 1933. Frank Hamer: You in good spirits? Nevertheless, the brief opportunity to look at the election documents inside the bank was made possible by Hamer’s 200 yard walk down the center of Alice, Texas with his coat off. Nelson killed Federal Agent Baum at Little Bohemia with a .38 Super machine pistol. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy, Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. Frank Hamer: Or Cuthbert. Have been reading about early Texas history and am amazed by accounts of the state’s way of life in the early 1900s and the stories of men like Frank Hamer and LBJ who contributed so much good and bad. Hamer was also an officer for Harris County before joining the Rangers again in 1915 and was assigned to patrol the South Texas border around Brownsville. (Hamer’s oldest son died on Iwo Jima. I know there’s only one way that this thing is ever going to end. He’s gone past the point of redemption. Frank Hamer was born in Fairview, Wilson County, Texas. In 1905, he captured a horse thief while he was working on a ranch in West Texas. Boessenecker found a photo of the Sherman courthouse after it was torched by the lynch mob. That said, the overpowering urge should always be to find a way to avoid trouble whenever it is the least bit possible. It was great when a friend showed me the October, 2011 American Rifleman Magazine, to see that Texas Ranger legend Frank Hamer is slowly but surely getting the recognition he deserves. Reporter: Would you care to comment on your role in the apprehension of Bonnie and Clyde? A couple of other points can be gleaned from Frank Hamer’s fight. A gunman had once jumped out to prevent him from testifying in a trial. [Gault laughs] Frank Hamer: Oh, Judas Priest. On Oct. 1, 1917, Frank, Harrison, Gladys and Emmett were driving back from a court hearing in Baird, TX. Nearly 80 years after the deaths of bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde, a few "tools of their trade" are going up for auction. Five days later Barrow and Methvin killed Constable Cal Campbell and kidnapped Commerce, Oklahoma Chief of Police Percy Boyd. Frank Hamer: Hell, I don’t know. Travis Hamer personal collection See all 138 photos taken at Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum by 1,397 visitors. Thus, Johnson was off the ballot in the general election unless Johnson could do something quickly. All you need to know is Bonnie and Clyde are going down hard, Mr. Methvin. His lawyers argued about strategy for hours and Johnson finally turned to Abe Fortas who happened to be in nearby Dallas on business. It was well known in Texas that Hamer had killed fifty-three men, been wounded seventeen times and left for dead more than once. State Official #1: Busted into your facility, Lee. However, for the hunt on Bonnie & Clyde, he replaced the S&W revolver with a .38 Colt Super Auto pistol (pp. [Gault smiles and nods his head]. Who is she? "Frank" Hamer, Texas Ranger Captain Frank Hamer (pronounced Hay-mer) was born on March 17, 1884 in Fairview, Wilson County, Texas.He grew up on the Welch Ranch in San Saba County. Recovering somewhat, Hamer drew his .44 Spl. She used her foot to push him over so he could see what was about to happen. Henry Barrow: What he really wanted to be was a musician. I mean, sure, he liked to dress fine and get the girls and all like that, but, you know, he wasn’t a bad boy. Maney Gault: Shame on you. The Model 8 was one of at least two Model 8’s used in the ambush. [reading Bonnie’s poem published in the newspaper] You are not the parent of this child we call the play. Frank Hamer: No, sir. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. To front for “Old Lucky”, Capt. Maney Gault: All them guns have anything to do with that jackass and his girlfriend? and turned to see McMeans pulling a shotgun from the car. Deputy Ted Hinton: Dallas paper gave me a camera to film it when it happens. LBJ won the runoff by only 87 votes out of a total of 988,295. Frank Hamer: Thought you had my back. She didn’t hit anyone and didn’t affect the outcome of the fight one single bit. Maney Gault: Or down in Brownsville, following your bullshit tip. Frank Hamer: Because I was covering you. He would gain fame years later as the Texas Ranger who got Bonnie and Clyde. [Gault is stunned as he hears the police radio] State Official #1: Hoover and the FEDS are proceeding… 1894 the family moved to Oxford in Llano County and Frank worked in his dad’s blacksmith shop. Hamer is best known for his involvement in ending the murderous crime spree of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, aka "Bonnie and Clyde.". In fact, the whole fight might never have happened. A. Brooks, Adjutant General W. W. Sterling, former Ranger Captain Frank A Hamer and Captain John R. Hughes. Frank Hamer: I think I’ll look up Ledbetter. His knowledge of personal defense was not academic, nor were all of his fights in the line of duty.


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