how tall is ben drowned
Cleverbot: I wonder how you would have reacted. Time is subsequently revealed to reset every three days, as in Majora's Mask. I don't know what it wants. This video featured the first use of its signature phrase, "You shouldn't have done that...". You know what you're doing right now is illegal, right/? Ultimately, Sarah races to the Observatory and prepares to preform the glitch — however, the choice to actually do it is left up to the players. Following those events, the arc, and the story in general, was put in hiatus by Alex Hall for an indefinite time. Sure enough, fifteen seconds later another message appeared on the screen, and again like the first one it was already a pre-existing phrase "Go to the lair of the temple's boss? Whats the point of playing? Your email address will not be published. I don't know how he can spread, but I know that just watching them on youtube/reading my text won't be able to allow him to spread, otherwise he wouldn't have needed my help in the first place, but I STRONGLY recommend you do not take anything you see streaming online onto your own personal computer. I'm starting this document as a "diary" so I can keep track of everything. Cleverbot, and will often chat with online users. Kelbris, who similarly died under uncertain circumstances, is now seen within the cult as evidence of his own, successful 'ascension'. The entrance to the course is the large painting with the Skeeter on it on the Mushroom Castle's second floor. I am nothing but a puppet to him, he enjoys seeing what kind of human emotions he can tap into by doing different things. Is Ben generating these replies or are people actually posting them? It talked to me. However the only thing that was a little unnerving was that at times the NPCs would call me "Link" and at other times they would call me "BEN". I screamed as the thing just stared back at me with that haunting facial expression. **It was submitted by Stormie, 37 years old. The Elegy statue has become permanently linked to the story of Jadusable and his haunted cartridge, a copy of Majora's Mask that inspired nightmares of masks being sewn to faces and terrible, terrible fates. You can't hurt me? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You're inside my computer now? Flagg | I pressed start, bracing for the worst, but just like two nights ago, the files "Your Turn" and "BEN" were displayed (truth be told I looked at the BEN file earlier, it seems to fluctuate between displaying the Owl Save and not). Jadusable, after hearing from the neighbor as to what happened in the house that the old man lived in, comes to the conclusion that the cartridge is possessed by the spirit of its previous owner, a 12-year-old boy named Ben who had drowned almost eight years prior. I didn't re-spawn this time, I was booted back to the main menu as if I restarted the console. Origin B.O.B | Give you little hints that I am. 2:44pm - I'm trying to contact Ben on Cleverbot, he's not responding. After around thirty seconds of this, the game simply fades out with the message "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" It tells that it if it wanted to it could do horrible things to me, but it hasn't so I should trust it. She continues onwards, finding a second Moon Child's heart and encountering another NPC who "knows exactly who he is" and thinks of Sarah as a monster, due to all the souls contained in the mask making her seem like a monster consuming them. As I came to the last one, for some reason it looked almost like Majora's Mask - the same heart-shaped body with little spikes protruding outward. Causing the day four glitch breaks the normalcy of the game and Jadusable soon finds himself alone in Clock Town with all of the inhabitants gone, unable to advance the game by turning back time, while endlessly hearing the laugh of the Happy Mask Salesman. Having said that, I recently moved into my dorm room starting as a Sophomore in college and a friend of mine gave me his old Nintendo 64 to play. Why? His voice is like that of a hipster or a stoned surfer dude, which is mainly calm and cool at times (but only when he's on Black Stuff). Red Empire User: The statue? "Jadusable" here. But last night, that Elegy of Emptiness statue, I had a dream about it. It was the standard grey color, except that someone had written Majora on it in black permanent marker. Ben BENBen DrownedBen LawmanMajoraCleverbotLink StatueJadusable's Roommate To ensure your safety, just forget about me. Ms. Pencil Neck | When she exits the area, she is suddenly confronted by two duplicates of the first boss of Majora's Mask, which she easily dispenses before continuing deeper into the game. 12:00pm - Ben won't let me visit YouTube. All Rights Reserved. I can't describe to you how sudden and terrifying the transition from eerie to terror it is, you're going to have to watch the video if you want to see first-hand. Brian Thomas is a character in the ARG Marble Hornets and appears to have been a good friend of Alex's. Lost your password? I might as well not have been playing the same game anymore - I was being warped around and there was no sign of a day clock or anything. I'm beginning to think that Ben isn't confined to just my computer/cartridge, I'm beginning to feel something. However, the spirit of BEN, named BEN DROWNED, started messing with the game after the BEN file was deleted before he was able to escape and haunt other forms of technology, eventually finding a realm known as the Under Realm and decided to live there. Hes saying that the game is over. Let me just clear things up - I know you guys are worried but "jadusable" is okay. There is no mention of the Moon Children. Like seriously though, it can't, right? 12:50am - He isn't responding to me on Cleverbot, its just giving the generic responses it usually does, I'm just talking to a bot this time. 9:03pm - I don't remember having uploaded a Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines video last year. As the death screen played, my lifeless body still burning, the Skull Kid laughed and the screen faded to black, only to have me reappear in the same place. I'm going to stay in this thread for a little while longer before I fall asleep to answer any questions you guys might have or hopefully listen to your ideas or theories to help me shed some light into this or maybe things I should try to do, I think I'm going to play BEN's file tomorrow to see what happens, maybe I was supposed to do that all along. On October 6, the website undergoes several drastic design changes, signaling the return of the story. The old man smiled at me and told me that I could have it for free, that it used to belong to a kid who was about my age that didn't live here anymore. The man's expression turned grim and I learned that four doors down around eight years ago on April 23 - the man informed me that it was the same day as his anniversary, that's how he knew the specific date - there was an accident with a young boy named Ben in the neighborhood. His lifelong dream is to get so high he can't feel his face. Comickit once drew a short comic where Slenderman tried playing an online video game with BEN, though it seems that Slenderman is losing, as he angrily throws his controller at the TV, yelling "Millennial fuckwads!". Or those girls who [tried to] kill someone with Slender Man a few years back. [12], The third Ben Drowned arc, titled Awakening, began publication on March 17, 2020, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, with updates being provided every three days before settling in to a weekly update schedule. BEN had an account on Within Hubris prior to its takedown. Mr. Widemouth | Cleverbot: Won't tell that information to you. I had little time to ponder as I was immediately given another small cut-scene of transforming into a Zora and now I found myself in Great Temple Bay. It tells me that it has something very important to show me. This explains his fear of death. Cleverbot: Fun to play, fun to toy with you, make you feel safe. I think I'm done messing around with this. Defeat Zalgo, Mancala, and Laughing Jack (succeeded).Other goals depending on the episode.


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