hyrule warriors adventure mode interactive map
Take out the Siege Captains when they appear. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Capture the East Temple last. Immediately turn right at get the Fairy of Darkness from Sacred Pedestal. Save your Focus Spirit. Lv.1, Heart Container - Darunia (Lakeside Keep), Challenge Battle: Watch out! The required rank is displayed on colored arrows surrounding the warrior on the map. This is easier with Ruto's level 2 weapon. After taking out the Bombchu and Manhandla Stalks, Lana and Dark Ruto will usually rush the Allied Base. To find the scenario that you want information about, look for its location in the grid below and click on the name to jump directly to that scenario's unlockables. Capture as many Keeps as you can, then take out the enemy base of the commander you defeated first. The hard part about this mission is the Fairy of Darkness can be used only once, and two of the Keeps have a Darkness seal. Take your time and allow enemies to reveal their weak point gauges. Starting square: H-8Final Boss square: F-1. Lv.14, Adventure Battle: Fight as a warrior of darkness! Adventure Battle: Fight as a warrior of fire! KO 1000 enemies. Lv.1, Adventure Battle: Defeat the Darknut Forces! Here are the various Item Cards and what they do: We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Use this on the Search map to fill your Magic and SP gauges for one battle. Rescue the Fairy of Water in West Cannon Keep and use it to dispel the barrier at South Keep. This will make her weak point gauge appear. I1 Adventure — Duel with the dragon knight! Keep your Hookshot ready and fire it at Argorok when her tail glows purple. Use a bomb on the wall, 4 spaces up, 1 space left from the center. If all of the enemies group together, be sure to use a Special Attack. Lv.3, Challenge Battle: Watch out! You'll have to move quickly to get the A Rank. Lv.3, Adventure Battle: Fight as a warrior of darkness! Challenge Battle: Fight through the tribe quiz! There's a good chance the commanders will charge the Allied Base, so keep an eye out for that. It is not required to use the compass. You'll also want to take out the Fortifier Captains as soon as possible. Lv.2. The third is a disaster. You'll need the high level damage. —, J2 Challenge — Defeat all Giant Bosses within the time limit! If going for Agitha's Heart Container, spam her Y + Y + X combo. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Piece of Heart - Zelda (N. Entrance Keep), Challenge Battle: Defend the allied keeps! First Room: Spam Ganondorf's BBBBBY combo (the one with the giant black hand). Requires Hookshot. Icy Big Poes have ranged attacks, however they are quite slow and easy to dodge. Challenge Battle: Defeat all Giant Bosses in time! While the fights themselves aren't difficult, getting the A Rank time requirement can be hard. Heart Container - Link (West Cannon Keep), Adventure Battle: Capture the enemy keeps! Adventure Battle: Defeat the warriors of Twilight! Use specials and combos to take out his toes. Both of these restrictions can be lifted by using a Tears of Light Item Card on the stage's search screen. Use Agitha's BBY combo when you see a cluster of enemies grouped together. Complete the first mission and defeat 1,200 enemies without taking four or more hearts of damage. Defend allied keeps and defeat the Enemy Forces. P1 Challenge — Watch out! —, L7 Challenge — Defeat all Giant Bosses within the time limit! Ignore the Gold Cucco. The Adventure Map is the first map that you have access to in Adventure Mode. Adventure Battle: Defeat the mountain beast! Ganon's Tower - Liberation of the Triforce, Special Xbox Series X Unlocked Livestream + AMA, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Valley of Seers - The Sorceress of the Valley, Temple of the Sacred Sword - The Sacred Sword, Valley of Seers - March of the Demon King, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Remember to block! Use a bomb on the wall, second space to the right of the ladder. A6 Adventure — Defeat the Dinolfos Forces! The only thing that matters is getting the 500 KOs. As long as you hold defend, you won't take damage. Zant can be a little challenging since you have to walk into his attacks to make his weak point gauge appear. Run over to recruit them. All attacks are devastating! H1 Challenge — Defeat 300 enemies in 10 minutes! A Cucco will appear after the first mission is complete. Defeat Order: Big Poe, ReDead Knight, Sheik, Challenge Battle: Watch out! L2 Challenge — Defeat 800 enemies in 10 minutes! All attacks are devastating! In Adventure Mode… Heart Container - Ganondorf (South Garden), Challenge Battle: Defeat all enemies! To make Zant's weak point gauge appear, defend against his attacks. In the second room, focus on the Stalmaster first. Leave several minutes to defeat Link, as it's a fairly slow fight. The purple squares are accessible after completing Twilight Princess - The Shadow King. —, C1 Challenge — Defeat all Giant Bosses within the time limit! Adventure Map The Adventure Map is the first map that you have access to in Adventure Mode. They will most likely cause issues at the Allied Keep. Big Poes are a pain since they can shoot fire balls at you. Make sure to escort the Cucco chick to its mom when asked to do so. Just keep an eye on the second Bombchu, which is heading towards the Allied Base. This helps save some time. These battles are either Adventure Battles which are structured similarly to scenarios in Legend Mode, or Challenge Battles which have specific victory conditions such as accumulating a certain number of KOs or defeating one or more Giant Bosses. Make sure Ganondorf is a high level, at least 50, before doing this mission. Then rescue the Fairy of Water from the Deku Tree before capturing South Square.


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