ibanez rg550 genesis review
Bath There was a problem. Jetzt ist die Ibanez RG im neuen, alten Gewand zurück – mit der Genesis-Serie! Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. I do plan to upgrade to Seymour Duncans eventually, as I do with most of my guitars, but I’m hoping they will be enjoyable enough to play for the next 6 months or so. A faithful reboot of one of shred's most iconic guitars. I just picked up a Genesis 550 in Road Flare Red and I’ve having a bit of a trip down memory lane. What’s the catch? But the RG’s pedigree is powerful. Makes me think that there’s something inferior about these Genesis models. We marvelled at the thought of the ultra-thin Wizard necks and their promises of unrivalled speed. I’ve always wanted an RG550 after growing up watching my older brother play one of the late 80s models. The guy at Guitar Center that sold me my RGA has the RG550 in DY and he said he loved it. You will receive a verification email shortly. I've found that I've had a really easy time playing with the latter which has me thinking that I might do good to find something that matches my HSH with trem and a WzIII. User account menu. “Jack of all trades but a master of none”-That’s what my local guitar shop owner said about the pickups when I asked him about them today. Log in sign up. Consequently, the Ibanez RG550 became the default aspirational guitar of choice for an entire generation of player. Auch die damals limitierte elektrische JS 6 (Joe Satriani Signature Nature Serie) mit fixed Bridge und hochwertigen PAF-Fred Tonabnehmern aus ebenfalls japanischer Edelschmiede,wären heute als originalgetreue Neuauflagen mit Hardshellcases zu moderaten Preisen echte Eye-Catcher für reife Gitarristen! I recommend getting an equalizer pedal. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Press J to jump to the feed. Expensive enough to make it lust-worthy, but not so expensive that we’d never get to own one, the RG550 hit that rare sweet spot of quality and other-worldly attraction. Saying this as a former owner of an original 1989 RG550. Ibanez has skillfully managed to extract the very essence of what was so popular about the original RG550 and piece it back together in a way that enhances its legacy. They look stunning, and i'm sure they play great, but the stock V7/V8 pickups get flack from basically everyone I've encountered who owns one of these models. Tonally versatile. All rights reserved. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. The neck feels lithe - your hand glides, rather than simply moving - while the Edge vibrato is rock solid and the overall craftsmanship is exemplary. Competition is strong - Schecter, ESP and Jackson all produce superb-quality shredders. It's gorgeous and the neck is perfect. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Jackson,Fender,Chapman,Ibanez,Fender,Chapman,Jackson,Jackson. And we were unreserved in our love for the garish, frankly bonkers colour options. Do you suggest pickups? The Edge is the best double locking trem on the planet and the V8/S1/V7 pickups are fine. I always have bad luck going used, or else I would. Ibanez definitely could have done better - other aspects of the Genesis guitars are "improved" compared to the originals - but they probably wanted to cut costs somewhere to keep the street price under $1,000, which I get. Visit our corporate site. Richtig:”Ibanez hört stets auf die Wünsche und Vorschläge der Gitarristen”….ist dieses Credo eigentlich heute immer noch aktuell,oder vergaß man inzwischen die Zielgruppe gestandener Gitarristen,die Ibanez doch erst durch ihre Ideen und Innovationen zu globaler Anerkennung verhalfen? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Die Modelle besitzen die gleichen Specs wie vor 30 Jahren und sind mit ihren fluoreszierenden Farben (gelb, rot und blau) ganz schön auffällig. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Wise decision? I put some $$$ into it and replaced the pickups with a Dimarzio PAF Pro neck/Tone Zone bridge and got some neon knobs with a matching cliplock strap and its so glorious. Die Ibanez RG-Serie ist ein Klassiker in der E-Gitarren-Geschichte und wird mittlerweile seit über 30 Jahren ununterbrochen hergestellt. I'm keeping it on the radar, though. This is a forum where guitarists, from novice to experienced, can explore the world of guitar through a variety of media and discussion. FWIW I absolutely love the thing. Unless you just have to have a new guitar, I'd definitely encourage you to look at the used market too. Please refresh the page and try again. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It’s actually better than our 15-year-old selves could have expected when we stared at those adverts. Buyers' guides to all the best music gear, One more thing: it looks like Apple’s first ARM-based silicon Macs are coming on 10 November, The 30 greatest synth players of all time: keyboard wizards, programming gurus and sound design legends, An AC/DC fan payed $28,000 for a guitar lesson from Angus Young and ended up jamming for hours with the band, Free music samples: download loops, hits and multis from SampleRadar, The 13 best overdrive pedals 2020: find new inspiration with the best drive pedals for guitar, Cherry Audio says that this $25 ARP-style vintage synth plugin is “the finest 2600 emulation ever created”. Replacing the pickups with Duncans was a great move. Letztere sind bis dato unerreicht in ihren Klangeigenschaften und ihrer damalig exzellenten Verarbeitung geblieben! I have one! The finishes still won't be for everyone. Normally I like something a bit more substantial but the Super Wizard is perfect for this reissue. BA1 1UA. Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. With this reissue, Ibanez is casually reminding everyone who’s boss. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Rating and Reviews: Ibanez RG550 Genesis With striking aesthetics, comfortable jumbo frets, and multiple pickups for tonal versatility, the Ibanez RG550 Genesis lets you rock your own way. Zum ersten Mal wurde sie 1987 als Abwandlung der JEM (Signature-Modell von Steve Vai) gebaut. I got one of the purple neons earlier this year and it plays just as well as my Carvin JB200. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. Close. Welcome to r/guitar, a community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information and entertainment. Ibanez, on the other hand, projected a vision of futuristic precision and technicality that pressed all the right adolescent buttons. I'm curious to see how the Super Wizard neck feels compared to the Wizard neck of my 540 and the Wizard III of my RGD. Consequently, the Ibanez RG550 became the default aspirational guitar of choice for an entire generation of player. I’ve always wanted an RG550 after growing up watching my older brother play one of the late 80s models. Wer auf 80er Shredsound und generell Soundvielfalt in Verbindung mit dem (meiner Meinung nach) besten Locking Tremolo auf dem Markt sucht, kommt an der RG550 Genesis nicht vorbei. Apparently not, if you’re Ibanez. I’m really interested in the 550 because I play a lot of metal, but I want something versatile enough to play other genres as well. Die Ibanez RG-Serie ist ein Klassiker in der E-Gitarren-Geschichte und wird mittlerweile seit über 30 Jahren ununterbrochen hergestellt. We loved its pointy horns and headstock. The US-designed V7 bridge humbucker delivers the razor-sharp riff platform you’d hope it would, while the V8 neck ’pup offers a hint of compression at higher gain settings, which levels lead lines nicely. But tastes change as we grow up - or do they? 11. Und damit sind sicherlich nicht “nur” die langjährigen “hauseigenen Ibanez Endorser aus der V.I.P.- Lounge” gemeint,sondern viel mehr die wirklich treuen Kunden weltweit! I’m thinking of buying one from Sweetwater. What do you think of the new genesis models? I didn't get a chance to play it because I was far too distracted by my RGA find. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I have a 1989-model 540SLTD in DY and the first thing I thought was "TWINS!!". Love single coil tone too. Was very well built and is excellent value for the price considering it's built in Japan. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU... Volume 0% Designed as a mass-appeal version of Steve Vai’s famous JEM777 model, it had character in abundance. 9.00 bis 15.00 Uhr), INTERVIEWS: Generation Axe – Vai, Bettencourt, Abasi +++ Phil X, Baroness, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Philipp van Endert, Scott Henderson, Aynsley Lister, DeWolff, Carl Carlton +++ TEST: Gibson Les Paul Tribute & Standard 50s, Fulltone Full-Drive 1, 2 & 3, Fame Baphomet II 4 & 5 Black Limba, Orange Pedal Baby 100, G&L Tribute JB, INTERVIEWS: Slash, Phil Campbell, J.J. Cale, Bill Frisell, Kreator +++ VINTAGE-SPECIAL: Fender Princeton. But, it could just be an amazing value. Ach,was,Ibanez hat den Hang zu seinen alten Genesis Modelltypen wieder gefunden? Do you find it fairly versatile? They're amazeballs. You bet. I haven't been playing long and my only other guitar is an affinity squire. My 2011 MIM Fender Strat that I bought for $150 at a yard sale has been my only used guitar that I’ve held onto. Die RG550 Genesis ist ganz einfach eine hervorragend bespielbare und perfekt verarbeitete Gitarre. I’m just surprised that this particular model is a MIJ being that’s it’s only $1000. Erforderliche Felder sind mit * markiert. I had an S series with a super wizard a while back and I loved it, So fast! The genesis feels incredibly well built. The 15 best rock drummers of all time - as voted for by you! Also, I had an s series with super wizard a while back, but I honestly didn’t play it much because I didn’t like how slim the body was. The entire SuperStrat niche of guitars owes the RG550 a huge debt of gratitude. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, What do you think of … Press J to jump to the feed. It is, in the best way possible, everything you remembered from the original. I'm looking to get a 550 and want good tone / fan of EVH, Paul Gilbert, punchy fat tone. Ibanez guitars don't hold their value particularly well (and locking tremolos aren't exactly en vogue at the moment), so you may well be able to find something less expensive or potentially a higher-end guitar at the same price that would scratch your RG itch. Aktuelle Ausgabe versandkostenfrei bestellen, NAMM 2018: Die neue Genesis Serie von Ibanez. Wie lautete doch gleich der alte,aber prägende Ibanez Werbe-Slogan? Bitte einen oder mehrere Newsletter auswählen! Tonally, the RG550 covers a lot of bases. die Iceman mit verschiebbarem Pickup und Vario-Tone Wahlschalter aus japanischer Produktion,sowie die einst legendäre Artist-Serie in ansprechender Purple-violett Hochglanzlackierung aus Fujigen (Japan). They're purportedly a little thin. Gilbert ist übrigens der Meinung, dass ein Tilt-Joint zu einem besseren Klang beiträgt…. 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