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Kirkland Signature liquors have become a "cult favorite" that bartenders love. this free Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau database. If you've tried the Kirkland Spiced Rum and love the flavor, by all means — buy away. Not only are they a great price, but many of them also rival their name-brand counterparts as far as quality goes. Read this handy guide on who makes seven of these best-selling spirits for Costco, and if they’re worth your hard-earned money. Furthermore, the Kirkland Signature London Dry Gin is a poor choice for certain cocktails. We agree with the reviewer at Best Tasting Spirits, who says that “the rum is shipped to California where Levecke [sic] Corporation adds natural flavors and caramel color before bottling at 92 proof in a 1.75L bottle.”. But with the money you save by buying Kirkland you can color in a brown paper bag with purple marker, you creative DIYer, you! ", Compared to Grey Goose, it tastes "fancier. If you want to explore all she has to offer – it may aid digestion, lower cholesterol, and provide you with a hangover-free morning — try the Añejo straight or over ice. What the expert says: Despite the similarity in bottle style, Jensen points out that the Kirkland gin features botanicals not found in Bombay, including rose and cardamom. On the advice from a friend I picked up a liter bottle of Kirkland Small Batch Bourbon Aged 7 Years from Costco in Myrtle Beach, SC. Jensen’s guesses it’s sourced from Hornitos, but he’s more interested in discussing why this añejo is different from others on the shelf. And considering this bottle is 1.75 litres, you’ll be mixing it into cocktails for quite some time. The expert’s opinion: “It doesn’t taste all that much like Dickel -- I don’t get that much spice on it,” he notes. Panelists noted that when compared visually, the two side-by-side look "exactly the same" as far as color and clarity go. Everybody's trying to get to the same finish line. According to A Bar Above, Kirkland Signature Small Batch Bourbon is similar in price to brands like Maker's Mark and Bulleit Rye — and those options taste better. Flavor-wise, you'll notice hints of brown sugar, plums, orange, and malt. What in the heckin' heck does the "XO" in XO cognac even stand for? Also, the price has gone up to around $30. And while the manufacturer of Kirkland’s Signature Vodka does distill the vodka from Grey Goose’s same water source in Cognac, France according to a comprehensive article in Munchies, Goose told the publication that it gets its water from an exclusive well. After all, depending on where you buy it, you can get the same amount of New Amsterdam for a pretty similar price. It is rumored to be sourced from the Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort, KY, but, there's also some proof that it may be manufactured by Jim Beam, and others claim it's recently started being manufactured by George Dickel . It reminds him more of a Diageo product than something sourced from the Bacardi-owned Bombay -- so something you might find from Tanqueray or Gordon’s. In addition to foodstuffs, more and more retailers are getting into the private-label liquor game. Kirkland Signature Premium Small Batch Bourbon. Lady tequila can be a harsh mistress. While Costco can provide an cost-friendly option and there will certainly be people out there willing to buy it, in all honesty there are better bourbons out there that are maybe a buck or two more if they cost more, at all! These picks for the best and worst Kirkland liquors can help you figure out which spirits to pick up the next time you're at Costco and which ones to avoid. ". Kirkland Canadian Whiskey vs Forty Creek Canadian Whiskey! Costco's bourbon was a great budget choice. Their in-store label Kirkland Signature has already been declared as the "best store brand there ever was" by Bon Appétit, but it's not just their organic produce and pantry staples that have people signing up for Costco memberships. Well, not when it comes to this particular list. It all goes back to the NOM. Kirkland Signature 7-Year Small Batch Bourbon simply misses the mark where other liquors sold at Costco hit it. But since spiced rum drinkers often cover up the booze with Coke anyways, this bottle is a helluva steal at $14.99. Kirkland's French Vodka has a distinctive viscosity, "silky, with a medium-weight heft akin to white wine," according to Kitchn. The expert’s opinion: While Jensen says this this “has a little more spice than in a Crown Royal,” overall it’s “thin, dry, and high pitched.” He admits he’s not a huge fan of Canadian whiskeys on the whole, but his guess is that it’s produced by Crown Royal. And yet, the booze rating site Proof66 says the spirits producer LeVecke Corp. makes the rum. And if you want a cheap silver tequila to make a big batch of sugar-laden margaritas, the Kirkland Signature Silver will do the trick, but it's not going to blow you away doing it. After all, that's what people like about bourbon — that while it's strong up front, it generally mellows out on the palate to showcase other flavors, making it enjoyable to drink. The expert opinion: “I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s from France, and that the way the bottle looks skewed my thinking,” Jensen says. It’s even rarer that we can show you the dude responsible for the booze! The answer is probably that both Cruzan and LeVecke are involved in producing the rum. “This is reminiscent of a Dewar’s White Label, but it has a bit more color on it,” notes Jensen. But there's one secret the retailer doesn’t want you to know: which companies are making all of its deliciously affordable Kirkland booze? Probably not. If you're on a budget — or simply a smart shopper — you know that buying generic products, like cereal and soda, get you pretty much the same food for less cash. The internet’s opinion: The whiskey writer Aaron Goldfarb wrote an informative study of … There are even some whispers on the internet that the two are made by the same distillery. You can buy barrels from them. Kirkland bourbon now from Tennessee? The third type of booze included in Buzzfeed's blind taste test was the Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum versus Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. Sure, sometimes that's all you need... but it's the type of low quality that gives tequila a bad reputation in some circles. To learn more about responsible consumption, please visit, Sign up for the Distiller Newsletter for new bottle & feature updates. As far as flavor goes, it's incredibly smooth and very sweet. However, a decent martini needs the right gin... and this ain't it. However none have caught the attention of consumers quite like the options at Costco. Edrington produces Cutty Sark (and Macallan). Kirkland Signature XO Cognac received a "Highly Recommended" rating from Tastings with an 89 point rating that is just shy of "Exceptional" status. Kirkland's Canadian Whisky costs less than $20 for the 1.75 L bottle; compare that to the $40-$45 you'll spend for the same amount of the name-brand stuff! Grab it when you see it though — this one is often only available during the holidays. If you think Kirkland just pours Grey Goose into a vodka bottle, think again. In fact, this (and the vodka) are his favorite Kirkland spirits overall -- especially because of its versatility in a number of gin cocktails. “The fact that it’s this thin makes me question if there’s a diffuser [involved in the production]. The Añejo gets points for being an aged tequila for less than $30 and the Reposado gets rave reviews from those who can get their hands on it, but the Silver (also touted as "blanco") falls short compared to its siblings. Touché. And while it's strong, it's not complex at all. Overall, Tastings ranks Kirkland Original as an "Exceptional" blended scotch whisky. 3.14. So while Kirkland Signature gets points for its "satiny, crisp, dry light body" and "effortless, medium-length finish," it's not going to blow you away as far as value goes. As reported by Vice, Kirkland Signature French Vodka is "made from the same water source" as Grey Goose (though they use a different well), which has received lower ratings in many blind taste tests AND costs more than twice as much. At less than $25 for 1.75 L, you can easily afford to be heavy-handed with this blended scotch whisky. Take your pick. This particular one states that the rum is distilled on the island of St. Croix, which narrows it down to two distillers: Cruzan or Captain Morgan. “It’s a little more floral for something called a London Dry, but certainly juniper-forward and bone dry,” he notes. A great way to use this American vodka is in a Moscow Mule which, despite its name, is a classic American cocktail that debuted in the 20th century. Is it getting discontinued again like it was just a little while ago? Of course, one panelist said it best with, "being an elitist about alcohol is stupid. At first whiff of Kirkland's Irish Cream, you'll pick up aromas of cocoa, cream, and — of course — Irish whiskey. Shoutout to Mr. Flynn. That’s a stellar deal.”. At under $20 for 1.75 L, it's one of the most wallet-friendly options on the list. It’s no secret that robots make the best pizza at Costco, and that the robot revolution will start when the pizza androids finally decide to revolt. Other tequila sourced from that distillery includes KAH (the skull tequila! A lot of the "best" Costco liquors are considered so because they are indistinguishable from their name-brand counterparts (we're looking at you, Bailey's) while costing significantly less. The style of the bottle certainly recalls Bombay Sapphire, but there’s no general internet consensus to its producer. One downside: the Kirkland bottle doesn’t get you one of those sweet purple velvet bags associated with Crown. Overall, he didn’t mind the taste, and said if you can cover the scotch in a cocktail like a Penicillin, it’ll be fine -- though his overall recommendation is to spend a little more money on another brand.


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