kitfox s7 sti specs
The company sells a comprehensive firewall-back kit that starts at $18,495 and includes all the major components as well as the PolyFiber covering system. Just like all previous models, removing a couple of screws, driving out some pins, and removing the rear window (it’s designed to do that easily!) The engine you might call a foreign exchange student. Takeoffs with the new wing were short, even without wind. Leaving the lakebed behind, we climbed into the Pine Nut Mountains, looking for wild horses. For just banging around in the sky, following rivers and canyons, taking a speed-is-no-concern local trip, the Kitfox is nearly without peer. But the rest of the Kitfox SLSA is off-the-rack Super Sport Series 7. For our test flight in the STi, we decided to try out a different kind of off-field experience—landing on a large dry lakebed whose surface had recently become usable after a record winter rain and snowfall. The view out the sides when taxiing is more than adequate to get you to the runway and back, and the low takeoff and landing speeds mean that you really aren’t rolling blind on the ground for very long. A “shovel ready” parcel of land exists to the southwest of the main hangar that could hold another building. Such volume is unlikely to put a strain on the company’s kit end of the business, even as Kitfox has taken the uncommon step of building as much as possible from local content and in house. We heard of some issues with the oil pressure sender being mounted directly onto the engine. Ordinarily, the Kitfox Super Sport would be displaying a Rotax and its associated fuel, oil, and cooling systems when the lid comes off. This model trims the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer through an electric jackscrew, whose action is slightly too fast in cruise but about right in the pattern. The rest of the powerplant systems are simple as well. Overall, the X340 package is clean and uncluttered—perfect for a bush airplane—for whatever isn’t there can’t fail on you at some remote airstrip in the mountains. It’s fair to say that the paper trail required for a straight Part 23 aircraft is quite a bit more involved than the relaxed ASTM specs demand, and so, he says, virtually all of the burden of proof that the design meets the ASTM specs for such things as structural integrity and landing-gear drop tests was, you might say, preexisting. The Kitfox STi sports a larger cowl to house the Titan X340 engine and features the larger wing for STOL performance. This package also includes a Garmin SL40 com radio and GTX 327 transponder, a PS Engineering PM3000A intercom and an Air Gizmos panel dock for the Garmin X96 series portable GPS. That philosophy alone is smarter than a whole room full of MBAs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Founded in 1984 over 7000 kits have been delivered into over 42 countries around the globe. The massive 29-inch Alaskan Bushwheels complete the STOL package, allowing this plane to go where many other machines fear to tread. (You supply the GPS itself.) It interfaces with the fuselage and the standard Scott tailwheel yoke, and it allows firm touchdowns on the tailwheel, without the rebound of a stiff spring that can launch you into a gallop down the runway. Before we go any further, let’s emphasize this again: This is a developmental test bed, but it is also a product that you can find for sale as the S7 STi. Call it 552 pounds total, or 394 pounds payload with the full tanks (27 gallons). It is not optimized the way a builder/pilot might like, so don’t think negative thoughts about the airplane because of what they have mounted. He flies an RV-8 that he built, an RV-3 that he built with his pilot wife, as well as a Dream Tundra they completed. We were rewarded with a nice cloud of dust and little sign of a wheel track, so we lifted off and came around one more time for a landing. To that add your engine component kit; for the 912, that’s an additional $4295, but embraces just about everything you need, including the exhaust system. Claimed max speed is 125 mph TAS, well clear of the LSA limitations. Because this is a test bed, no cabin heater is installed, but there is a carb heat muff and duct going to the all-metal airbox. Paul Dye, KITPLANES® Editor at Large, retired as a Lead Flight Director for NASA’s Human Space Flight program, with 40 years of aerospace experience on everything from Cubs to the Space Shuttle. In the past, we’ve taken Kitfoxes into steep, wooded, and short mountain strips. Barnaby Wainfan examines the physics behind this longstanding design question. John is not betting the company on selling 100, 200 or 500 Kitfox LSAs a year; he hasn’t leveraged the company out onto a limb to beat Cessna and Flight Designs in an already crowded market. The current development aircraft is a little nose-heavy, and the factory is working on adjustments to alleviate that tendency. With a 10-knot wind down the runway, you can probably get off within the length of a set of average runway numbers. Not that the design found itself struggling through advanced education. So the firewall-forward package is different—and limited to the Rotax 912 or 912S, where the kitbuilt might also house the O-200 or IO-240 Continental, O-235 Lycoming or Jabiru 3300. Landing in this case was a non-event; all we had to do was avoid a couple of rocks and embedded old tires that somehow found their way into this otherwise pristine Nevada desert. 0 Fz,� endstream endobj 338 0 obj <>stream D�Aha�\����&�`O�o���& Xr� There’s also a radial engine that fits under the round bump cowl—the seven-cylinder, 110-hp Rotec R2800. Kitfox Aircraft, LLC ORDER PARTS—Ph. The much larger Titan adds another notch in the horsepower wars, taking the airplane into the realm of the Super Cub and its clones—but with side-by-side seating and plenty of baggage room. Reste 200 heures de potentiel avant révision. The stabilizer trim is typical of rag-wing airplanes from Cubs to modern times. It helps that the Kitfox Series 5, then owned and developed by SkyStar Aircraft, had been developed with FAR Part 23 certification in mind. Kitfox kit components haven’t changed since the introduction of the SLSA. It’s tempting in situations like this to simply chop power and touch down straight ahead—but just because one portion of a lakebed is dry and hard doesn’t mean that the rest of it is as well. The west is dotted with many dry lakes like this one, and most are under the control of the Federal government, so it is legal to land on them. Then, if you didn’t push the nose too low, the airplane quickly lifted off and you were flying. The Kitfox rolls on 6.00×6 main tires and a 5.00×5 nosewheel, so it’s forgiving of uneven pavement, gravel and pilot limitations. Originally longer than it is now, the wing was shortened by one rib bay after they determined that the bending moments out near the tips were deforming the flaperons a little bit. Every good airplane designer needs a development airplane—something to use to try out new ideas and experiment with upgrades and the evolution of the design. Barnaby Wainfan examines the design factors that can mitigate damage in an accident and increase the chances of survival. Kitfox S7 Sti with titan x340 The oil cooler is mounted to a firewall bracket, and air is forced through via the aforementioned NACA duct and a 3-inch SCAT tube. At 7000 feet on a standard day, we saw about 97 mph indicated in cruise (which was about 107 mph true), burning roughly 8 gph. The airplane as we tested it was propped for climb; in level flight, you had to pull power back considerably to avoid over-revving the engine by a couple of hundred rpm. There was still a little snow on this late April day, hiding on the north-facing slopes and in the trees, a promise of more water for the coming season and another warning to check those lakebeds before landing! Edited by Mary Bernard. As with many STOL airplanes designed to LSA standards a few years ago, the big question has always been, can I take off the Rotax and put on a Lycoming or Continental? Because the engine installation is developmental, we were warned that cooling might be a bit of an issue. Regular Kitfox pilots will notice one thing as soon as they climb in: The view of the nose is considerably different than in a Rotax-equipped bird. ��.�9ƬE��W#. Kitfox has just such an airplane, and you have probably seen it around. The large swing-up doors can be opened in flight, but the convex Plexiglas gives such a good view that you may not have to—the view is equally good with them closed or open. The installation is simplicity itself, especially since Kitfox has fit this one with a plenum to keep from having to mess with upper baffles and seals. The flap deflection is limited to allow downward movement of the “ailerons” without stalling the surface. All rights reserved worldwide. It’s a taildragger, of course, but will also be used to test a few new components for the kitbuilt, including a composite wing leading edge.


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