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He promised Oliver he would kill his family. Location of Lian yu. An enraged Slade threw Sara into the hole where she got pulled under water. [16] The three of them formed an alliance, as Shado trained Oliver in marksmanship. Lian Yu (Mandarin: 炼狱 Liànyù, Translated as Purgatory) is an Island in the North China Sea that Oliver Queen was stranded on for five years, between 2007 and 2012, before he was found by fishermen. [32] A injured Slade managed to swim away from the island.[29]. [37] It's wasn't known until a few years later that the A.R.G.U.S. After killing one of the prisoners, Oliver tried to keep the idol away from her, however Baron showed up, seemingly alive, and began to suck the life force out of Taiana. [7], During the fight at Fyers' camp, Slade suffered a bullet would to the arm. An angered Ivo executed Shado in front of Oliver and Sara. Fyers countered by threatening to kill Shado. In the beach, Conklin plotted a plan against Oliver, using a worker named Vlad on the cultivation operation to kill Oliver. After Baron's mercenaries found Oliver trekking in the woods, Reiter decides to recruit Oliver, as he thought that Oliver had gained massive experience surviving on the island for 3 years. He then fought Oliver. Baron doubted Conklin's accusations, as he was dealing with the guy who was really spying on them, this being John Constantine, who had recently arrived on Lian Yu in search for a secret object. Oliver refused to tell them, and Fyers ordered Billy to kill him. [15], They radioed Fyers to bargain for a way off the island in exchange for the circuit board's return. At the top, he sees a boat in the water. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He tracked down the crew members keeping Sara and Oliver captive, and killed them all in seconds. The chamber had a trap that was set off by the latter, but Oliver saved his life, concluding he was not one of Reiter's men. Baron sent Oliver and his Slam workers to the location in order to find the object that Reiter calls "gift". [28], An enraged Slade then tried to kill him. The result of Oliver's injuries led to an hallucination of Shado, which itself formed a magical stone on Oliver's hand. Arrowverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. They also gained guns, making an advantage against Baron. The latter kills Vlad in self-defense. Oliver did not want to risk his safety and decided not to untie him. After freeing the island prisoners, Oliver decided to set up some bombs in order to keep Reiter trapped in the caves. maximum security prison was built underground on Lian Yu. As a gift for saving his life, John broke off the crystal off the rod so Oliver could give it to Reiter, and transferred another spell onto Oliver's torso, which he revealed to be something that would come in handy in the future. would you consider adding a schematic file? When he landed, Oliver infiltrated in a military operation - later known as Shadowspire - run by a man named Baron Reiter. [7], Slade and Oliver managed to clear an airfield and were about to capture a plane, but they missed their chance when Oliver came back for Yao Fei and was captured. Panicked Ivo used the entire crew to search the ship underdeck. He also warned him about Reiter's true motives, and insisted that drugs isn't the only thing that appeals to the leader of the operation. These herbs are so effective, they were capable of countering almost any type of poison, including Floyd Lawton's Curare, and Sara Lance of snake venom almost instantly. in a Coast City bar, Oliver was drafted once again for a mission that would send him back to Lian Yu to investigate an unknown occupation on the island. [27], The group devised a plan based on deception to get on the ship without being spotted. [38], Almost three years later, after Oliver accepted his role in the coming Crisis, Mar Novu sent him and his team back to the island for one last mission before he faces his ultimate fate. These herbs are so effective, they were capable of healing almost any type of poison, including Floyd Lawton's Curare, and Sara Lance of snake venom almost instantly. He runs along the shore where he has stored his bow and arrows. However, shortly after he came back to the bay, he and Taiana were ambushed by Conklin and Reiter's men. [35] This explosion killed William's mother, and left Oliver's sister, Thea in a coma[36] for the next six months. They then managed to free Shado, but discovered the circuit board was taken by Fyers' men. To prevent the woman - named Taiana - from getting killed, Oliver convinced one of Reiter's finest man, Conklin, to have her murdered. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. radio, freeing all the prisoners who were still alive. A huge pile of metal hit Slade and pinned him on the floor. Determined to go to Russia, Oliver refused to work for Amanda and fulfill his father's wishes, as he wanted to keep the promise he made to Taiana. Just in time, Oliver managed to change the direction of the missile aimed at the Chinese plane, and the missile landed on the camp, seemingly killing all the mercenaries. [13], Still trapped on the island until the next supply plane, Oliver decided to tinker with a damaged radio which Slade claimed was damaged beyond repair. During the rescue, Amanda brought the case with Yao Fei's suit and bow, along with Robert Queen's book with the list. Lian Yu The island was later used by A.R.G.U.S. Oliver reveals to the fisherman that he is Oliver Queen. This plan involved launching a missile strike on a Chinese plane, in an effort to cause an international incident and damage the Chinese economy. Convincing Anatoly that he has to return to Starling City, Oliver returns to Lian Yu to set a bonfire that will allow the Chinese government to "rescue" him and return him home, to dodge the suspicion that he was ever off the island. prison located under… This is great! 's prison beneath the island remained intact following the explosion. The explosions killed Samantha Clayton and placed Thea Queen into a coma for six months. For this plan, Fyers wanted to use Yao Fei as a scapegoat. But it was then shown Slade had heard the conversation. [28], Oliver successfully reached Ivo and was about to shoot him. Oliver was then transported to the ship and is kept prisoner by Dr. Anthony Ivo and his interrogator Sara Lance who survived the Queen's Gambit sinking. Diggle and Felicity came over and convinced him to return. [34], Adrian Chase/Prometheus's team kidnaps Team Arrow, as well as Oliver's son William, and the latter's mother, Samantha Clayton, and brought them to Lian Yu where a final fight with Oliver ensued. Oliver then returned to the cave and told the shocking news to Taiana, and said he needed her help to gain a detailed map of the island. They then were confronted by a small group of intruders who captured Shado, and their leader threatened her with a knife. He then tried to escape the ship in which he passed out and got saved by A.R.G.U.S agents. Oliver masqueraded as a mercenary and faked capturing Slade. [2], Eventually, the Chinese government turned Lian Yu into a prison and used it to banish dangerous prisoners, including the former General Yao Fei Gulong. However Leonard and Lisa Snart sabotaged the operation and the meta-humans escaped before ever making it to the island. They stole a circuit board from the launcher and escaped into the forest. However, he soon learned that was not the case. black site prison (formerly)Spiritual retreat (formerly) [38][40], During the Crisis, after all other versions of Lian Yu throughout the multiverse was wiped out, for a brief time, this version on Earth-1 was the last. Oliver managed to convince him that destroying the ship would take away their only way out. Oliver and Taiana were then placed on a prison located on the island. Lian Yu " Lian Yu " may be Mandarin Chinese for "purgatory", but for Green Arrow it was Hell on Earth. He managed to knock Billy out and fled with Oliver into the woods. Oliver said he would kill him anyway. Meanwhile, Baron used a "spell" to uncover the true liar, and sent his men to take Conklin away, while Oliver stole the map from Reiter's table and was met with the task to torture Conklin for his betrayal. [11], Fyers then kidnapped Shado, Yao Fei's daughter, in an effort to force Yao Fei to continue working for him. After a parcel of drugs went missing, Oliver helped a woman who was responsible for the plot against Shadowspire. Slade managed to grab Oliver and locked him up in a cage. [12], Oliver found a plane where he got confronted by Slade. The fishermen take him home on their boat. North China Sea [29] The group managed to get the stranded submarine operational again. When Oliver led John to one of the places Constantine was searching for, the exorcist uncovered a hidden passageway, in which led them to the mystical object Constantine was so curious about. After realizing what bad the idol has done to her, Taiana asked Oliver to kill her. He was then taken to the ship. The group packed up their gear and created a fire (Oliver lit up the fire with a flaming arrow similar to when he would light up a signal fire alerting some Chinese fishermen three years later). Upon arrival after the shipwreck, Oliver buried his father, under stone rocks. Information Oliver used his knowledge of radios from working with his father on old airplanes to get it working.|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, Lian Yu "Purgatory": A Survival Island Minecraft Map, How to install Minecraft Maps on Java Edition, Squid Mansion and Death by Dawn Mini-Game | NEW 1.16 UPDATES, Browse Latest Hot Environment / Landscaping Maps. Slade Wilson was seen taking his mask., Much to his astonishment, Oliver found out that Vlad was actually Taiana's brother. Oliver told they were already in the ship and in the engine room. Lian Yu is a large, mountainous island in the East China Sea in the DC Universe. Lian Yu houses herbs that are capable of healing almost any injury. Labs particle accelerator, rather than letting the Meta-human criminals locked up in the pipeline die, Barry Allen wanted to relocate them to the prison on Lian Yu, implying that the prison had been equipped to contain meta-human powers. He eventually realized Oliver had some raw potential for combat and survival. All rights reserved. [10], After locking Oliver up in a cave,[10] he managed to take out some mercenaries and capture Fyers to force him to give them a way out of the island. Sara, Anatoly, and other prisoners managed to jump overboard and swim to the island. It has everything you need to survive such as trees, mountains, and you could roleplay or just use it as a survival island for personal needs or wants. The island is also home to many animals, including pheasants, wild pigs and wolves. Conklin returned to the camp with Taiana and Oliver, and presented the latter as a traitor, offering the maps as proof to Reiter. Slade came back and saved Oliver, killing his former partner Billy Wintergreen in the process. Lian Yu (Traditional Chinese: 煉獄; Mandarin pronunciation: ​Liànyù; literally "Purgatory") is an island in the North China Sea where Oliver Queen was intermittently stranded during his five years away between 2007 and 2012, before being found by Chinese fishermen. He then chopped off Ivo's arm while making him mimic how he executed Shado. Lian Yu currently lies in ruins after Adrian Chase set off many bombs on it as the final part of his crusade against Oliver.


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