margot tenenbaum character analysis
I've found a lot of blogs, but those aren't reliable resources. “It’s not safe over there,” he says plainly. The film is a visual feast from the beginning, and exhibits Wes Anderson’s signature stylistic choices, such as symmetrical shots, often perfectly centered in the frame, quick and absurd jumps in place and time, an evocative soundtrack, and a detailed and particular aesthetic. He is everything that Royal is not, and takes a lot more responsibility for Etheline's well being than her ex-husband ever did. She is speaking to an associate, Henry Sherman, a friend and her business manager. This tragedy has made him especially antsy and post-traumatically fixated on safety. Pagoda is the Tenenbaum's butler and employee and a loyal ally of Royal's. As a child, she was a particularly precocious playwright, winning grants and getting her plays produced from an early age. Royal almost immediately receives word that the proposal has taken place and sets about (with the help of his loyal former butler, Pagoda) trying to prevent the marriage from happening. “What’d you think, dad?” asks Chas, to which Royal responds that he didn’t think the play was believable. Father: She unlocks the door with her foot and he peeks in and asks if he can make her dinner. The Tenenbaum childrens' maturity is so accelerated that it acts as a kind of sight gag or punch line in many of the scenes. Richie is kindhearted and compassionate, but also very eccentric and sensitive. Select a main character from the film, and examine their role within the family and with other characters. After enjoying a lot of success in business and starting a family, he lost his wife Rachel in a plane crash. Chas sits in a large, sterile looking kitchen, when suddenly an alarm goes off. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. Royal shows up on the roof of the house and shoots his BB gun at Chas, saying “there are no teams!”, We then meet Margo, who lives on the 3rd floor. The tone of the film is very quirky and unusual from the start. Her father merely made statements as though he was speaking to his adult peers. My response will always come back to this foundational issue in Margot's existence. Chas and their two sons, Ari and Uzi, were on the flight and survived. What aspects of this course (mate selection, sexuality, conflict, resolution, remaining single, marriage, children, divorce, death, aging relationships, etc) apply to your character? -Her father always made a point to state that she is the "adopted daughter" whenever he introduces her to anyone. Support your analysis with examples from the textbook and scholarly journal articles. Analysis. The Tenenbaum children are introduced one by one. She is married to an academic, Raleigh St. Clair, who doesn't satisfy her, and she has had a number of affairs throughout her life, including one with childhood friend, Eli Cash. The narrator tells us, “She and her brother, Richie, ran away from home one winter and camped out in the African Wing of the Public Archives.” He continues, “Four years later, Margot disappeared alone for 2 weeks and came back with half a finger missing.”. While Chas doesn't want them to have a relationship with their grandfather, they really enjoy spending time with their "Pappy," who teaches them how to live on the edge. At the Tenenbaum residence, Margot goes into her old room, into her closet, where Eli is waiting for her in his underwear. Eli Cash is a childhood friend of the Tenenbaums and has always wanted to belong in the family. The sight of a young girl reading Chekhov is funny in itself, as is a young boy taking calls at his desk while sipping a cup of coffee. In adulthood, he is a novelist of middling success, and has gotten himself hooked on drugs. The Tenenbaums are certainly a dysfunctional family unit, and this is in large part due to Royal’s absent fathering and inconsistent love. Chas is the most neurotic and anxious Tenenbaum child. That's not why I'm here. The children are also very unusual; the girl has a bob haircut and looks sullen, the boy in the middle looks like a miniature professor, and the other boy wears a sweatband and wears a strange expression. He dies of a heart attack, after years of living rather recklessly, drinking, smoking, and eating hamburgers to excess. Ethel goes to visit Margot, who is taking a bath when she arrives. “I think he’s been very depressed,” Ethel says, trying to justify Chas’ move, but Margot is jealous and says, “So am I!” The scene shifts abruptly and we see Margot leaving Raleigh’s house with some bags; she evidently plans to move back to her childhood bedroom as well. The Royal Tenenbaum Character Analysis The Royal Tenenbaums was a film that was released in 2001. Even then, however, they don't really want to take care of him, since he's been such a louse his whole life. In adulthood, she is experiencing writer's block, and cannot seem to write a new play. He fears that his children will be taken from him suddenly, just like his wife, and as a matter of safety, moves them all back into the Tenenbaum residence. He helps Royal insinuate himself back into his family home by upholding the lie about Royal's terminal stomach cancer. I've found very little resources to help with my paper. Royal is the much-maligned and difficult patriarch of the Tenenbaum family. He lives indulgently and selfishly, remaining absent from his children's lives for a long time, but coming back to get to know them when he finds himself out of money and with nowhere to go. Margot was adopted by Etheline and Royal, and Royal never hesitated to remind her of this fact when she was growing up. When Ethel tries to confront Margot about the fact that she’s been spending six hours a day watching television in the tub, Margot doesn’t seem to think that anything is wrong. He is evasive when the children ask him about his and Etheline’s impending divorce, and at one point we see him shoot Chas in the hand with a BB gun, a juvenile way of playing with his child. He runs into the bedrooms of his sons and they go through a fire drill. Etheline is in an office: she is now an archaeologist. parental approval). This is the foundation of her identity issues. We see Chas, Ari, and Uzi outside during the fire drill, and the narrator tells us that Chas had become very concerned about their safety in the wake of the crash. We see Royal at the doctor getting his blood pressure checked, preparing for a procedure of some kind. As a youngster he showed a special talent for business, breeding Dalmatian mice that he sold to pet stores in Little Tokyo. He tells her he did, but she is still confused about how he managed to pack a bunch of bags if they were locked out of the apartment. This act will intensify feelings of rejection and low self-esteem. By the end, he has owned up to his own limitations as a father and repaired some of his relationships. Alongside the family narrative that is taking place in the film is the staggering precocity and genius of the three Tenenbaum kids. ", "Thank you so much for helping me with this assignment. Etheline is Royal's ex-wife, a sensible woman who has no time for Royal's antics. © BrainMass Inc. October 2, 2020, 5:20 am ad1c9bdddf, Master of Theological Studies, Tyndale Seminary, Bachelor of Religious Education, Tyndale University College, "Best answer I have received on here!! ". Describe their relationship with the other main characters in the film. In middle age, she has fallen in love with her accountant, Henry Sherman, who represents everything Royal isn't. The narrator tells us that he bought real estate in his early teens “and seemed to have an almost preternatural understanding of international finance.” We then see Chas, Richie, and another kid playing with BB guns at Royal Tenenbaum’s summer home. I will certainly assist you in completing your assignment. This is the assignment being requested of me: We have studied many aspects of marriage and family life over the past six weeks. Margot's father appears to be treating Margot in this manner. The Question and Answer section for The Royal Tenenbaums is a great Examine her role within the family and her relationship with other characters: Margot was adopted at age two. Etheline is intelligent, elegant, and easily agitated by the drama that follows her ex-husband. “I’m in a rut and I need a change,” Margot says, before going into a phone booth and making a call. -Her father did not affirm her participation in activities or her achievements. She and Royal divorced when the children were young, and she raised her kids with the best educations, pushing them to achieve success in their respective fields. After almost 20 years apart, the Tenenbaums begin to reassemble, in an apartment that seems not to have changed since the children were little. Children were viewed as smaller adults and were abused and exploited. Richie is retired from tennis, and in his letter he mentions that he thinks he is in love with Margot. He is in love with his adopted sister, Margot, but very ashamed of his quasi-incestuous attraction. The children sit across from Royal and ask him if he’s divorcing their mother; he tells them that it’s not settled, “but it doesn’t look good.” When one of the kids asks why they’re getting divorced, Royal says that he wasn’t as faithful as he could’ve been, but doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. This is the foundation of her identity issues. Each child’s room is a strange demonstration of their individual quirks; Margot’s room filled with plays, Chas’ room like more of an office than a bedroom, Richie’s hawk cage on the roof. While it is unclear why he wants to prevent it, he is vehement in his desire to intervene. Abusive Parents: Emotionally to all three, and financially to Chaz. We see Royal taking Richie to a dogfight as a kind of father-son bonding moment, then arriving back home as Margot and Chas watch from above, jealous they weren’t invited along. . Not affiliated with Harvard College. Furthermore, he evidently plays favorites, only inviting Richie to go with him on little outings, and diminishing Margot’s play as unbelievable on the night of her birthday. A title card tells us we are in the “Prologue.” A narrator tells us in voiceover that Royal Tenenbaum is the patriarch of a family in New York, who bought an apartment for his wife and three children, but that then he and his wife separated. He ends up at a rehab facility in North Dakota. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Like with my last visit, I have a disability that I struggle with writing, but most of the time I can usually manage. Pagoda helps them bring their belongings into the apartment, where Ethel and Henry are hosting bridge classes. The scene shifts and we see Chas and his kids arriving at Ethel’s apartment. Richie is one of the Tenenbaum children and was a pro tennis champion until he had a nervous breakdown and lost a crucial tennis match, soon after the wedding of his adopted sister Margot to her husband. Not affiliated with Harvard College. GradeSaver, Read the Study Guide for The Royal Tenenbaums…, View Wikipedia Entries for The Royal Tenenbaums…. Margot was adopted by Etheline and Royal, and Royal never hesitated to remind her of this fact when she was growing up. She is married to an academic, … You may not find scholarly information on the movie itself, however, you will find scholarly information on the identified issues of Margot's character of which you will need to extract and apply to her character being portrayed. }}}}, I need some assistance - I chose the character "Margot" (the adopted daughter) to do my analysis on. He sends Mordecai flying away.


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