miyata bike catalog
if anyone can help, i can send pictures (email; tookiee54@hotmail.fr). They only had one paint scheme per model per year and that is in the '87 catalog. The other worthy item to note is that catalogs are almost never a good way to determine anything, since they were usually produced way in advance of the new models coming out and frequently were prone to have the wrong component list and photos of models that did not quite match the actual release model. This was part of the 1980’s major discoveries. Serial number is H333802. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. I got an old miyata with serial oc54971 and code axa-5204 come with suntour xcm group. Before the Miyata and I parted ways, I failed to give it a proper weigh-in. Enjoy the ride! Hubs: Sansin Gyro-Master Chain: SRAM PC830 Even the gel seat is still decent. Thank's, I found a kids bike on the side of the road, and it says Miyata Pinokio PK-16W-B. The seller also threw in a Bridgestone BB1 if anyone knows anything about that one? It has the 912 components but the 710 frame, as the 912 used the splined version of the triple butted tubing.”. However, I already sold them together with stocked parts because I liked Japanese parts. Grant, the serial number is on the bottom bracket of the bike frame. Headset: Tange MES If you have some vintage catalog and be willing to exhibit it in this page, please send it to me. hi, got a frame but no decals, it has Tange Tr dropouts, serial is L6100673. My understanding is that "P" in Frame Serial Number corresponds to Manufacturing Year Code for 1987, and so I will now be checking catalogs for Model Year(s) 1987 and 1988, to see if there are similar component-set bikes, sold under either Miyata or Univega brands. I am unsure of the year model, so I am hoping you can help (as the serial numbers at the top of the blog don't correlate exactly). SN# DS71 204929Can anyone give me any info on this Miyata serial#? The serial number is N226610.Could you help me identify this model and know the year of manufacture and its history.My email is ahumada.jm @ gmail.comthanks, The only countries in South America that sold Miyata Bicycles are Chile oxford.cl and Peru that has the brand Mister, this are vintage bicycles and hard to find them, do not ask me for prices or other info because I am in Canada and Miyata Stop Exporting to Canada and U.S.A, Hola Senor Ahumada, I bought a body frame of The Mister from a bicycle store that specializes in vintage bicycles here in Manila. Wonderful find, Dana. Thanks, I remember some Mountainbikes Models Path Finder before the Ridge Runner,Terra Runner and Street Runner .www.miyatacatalogs.com was made by Hernan P.Burgos free of charge for Miyata Bicycles and is the only source of information , before this one and after that there is no Miyata Catalogs, Hello Hernan.I'm Juan Ahumada of Argentina.I recently bought a bicycle old English type brand model MIYATA "The Mister". What do you think it is valued at? New: Dec 31, 2019. Japan-America Fuji bicycle in middle of 60s Looks more like Fuji or an old Schwinn. The sports bicycle advertisement of Bridgestone, Maruishi, Tsubame(Araya), Silk, Tsunoda in 60s When using the shifters with the components intended, the marriage was harmonious. Japanese Parts Industry  Finished English translation (June. HI. Now I know that I696909 was a 1980 model. Bought at a thrift store for $40 about 15 years ago after the $400 bike I bought was taken off of my car. The serial number is PW42289. btw.. i an Aussie but don't hold that against me :)any feedback is greatly apreciated as i am lost for knowledge about the bike but love the look and feelcheers Mick. Brake Levers: Dia-Compe Gran Compe Aero Anyone know if the 912 was ever made with a full Campy set up or is this likely a complete upgrade done by someone? I was going to post seller photos of the bike but they are now long gone. There really is no right or wrong on this issue and serial numbers for most frame makers are at best an approximation. List View. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hi Hernan, I recently got a Miyata 1000 at a moving sale near where I live, in southern California. A month later, the right size emerged as new old stock with a premium price to match. Lovely. CP.Museum staff   01 Dec. 2011  (Cycles Peugeot Museum) My first custom bicycle was a Silk road bicycle. Crankset: Sugino GS-LP; 52/42; 170mm value? There are not Models Liberty in the site www.miyatacatalogs.com please try other source,sorry, Hello. I have my original cream colored mayata-where is the serial number, I know it was made in Japan- suntour .Sakae customMy brother and I both bought them at the same time his is red, Please go to www.miyatacatalogs and try to find your bicycles there.


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