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Other than bird feed, niger seed can be used for human consumption. Here are the materials and most of the tools. My thistle feeder was really disgusting. All Rights Reserved. Our aim has always been to provide top quality Wild Bird food to give a helping hand to our declining Wildlife that are much in need. The perfect complement when you feed Niger Seed alongside Sunflower Seeds. I love your soda bottle feeder and especially how simple it was! The Ring Pull Niger Seed feeder by Jacobi Jayne is designed specifically to use with wild bird niger seed and will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. I poked probably 50 larger holes in the mesh, tilting the nail up as to make a small bin for each hole to accumulate the thistle in it. Niger, nijer, nyjer or thistle seed are the main variations, but it doesn’t really matter which one you use. You might also see Niger Seed referred to as 'Thistle Seed', but they're actually two different seeds. The lid of my jar had a hole in it so... 0 Comment Comment. If you create a handle on top of the lid instead of hanging the way I did, drill all around. I've hung it by a water feature in my backyard that finches drink from regularly. If you’re new to this type of premium bird food, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to this seed and look at why you should start using, These smaller birds are acrobatic when they feed from a. , often seen feeding from them upside down. It's actually the shells (husks) of the seeds! To be honest, no one has really agreed on what the correct term is. If your holes are parallel you can put the dowel right through. I first measured the height of the bottle from the table top to where the bottle begins to reduce in circumference. You can always store the rest and put it out as the birds get used to it. Niger seed also offers plenty of medical uses. I put some holes close to the bottom so I glued the dowels onto the bottom. Be wary though, this will also encourage big bully birds like pigeons who will scour the floor for any niger seed that has fallen. It is rich in oil content and highly nutritious. Top 6 Goldfinch Feeders Reviewed 1. Your feeder is finished! Glue it onto the back right in the centre. It's easy. It’s even better used as winter bird food as it will give garden birds an extra calorie hit that will help them store fat to keep them warm. The seed is in a big container since last year, I washed the containers and although there r plenty of birds around the are not coming to my bird table. This feeder features an easy to fill, lift-off lid to keep the contents dry and coated metal perches, allowing birds to feed in comfort. And they help reduce dripping on inverted feeders, if you can make them fit. Smart idea. Save when you buy Niger Seed from us. You are most welcome to. Explore › Outdoors. I can't wait to see what you've been crafting this week. These smaller birds are acrobatic when they feed from a niger seed feeder, often seen feeding from them upside down. Use something sharp to poke the small hole. BirdForum - The net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds, BirdForum is the net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding, and is absolutely FREE! Reply Upvote. Niger seed actually comes from the Ethiopian highlands. Great way to recycle. This is such a great idea! As soon as you introduce sunflower seeds, or black sunflower seeds, you’ll start to see your birds going back and forth between your feeders as they enjoy the different seeds. The easiest way to do this is to add a bird bath to your garden, or a bird station with an in-built bird bath. Having watched the goldies on them and judging from what ends up on the floor, I estimate that only 25% are eaten from the feeder. Get all of your things together. I have been using the Morning Sun Goldfinch Super Sock (at Petco), it's about 13" long and I have had upto 12 finches clinging to it at a time. Birds love Niger seed, it’s a firm favourite amongst many varieties of garden bird. 15. Be wary though, this will also encourage big bully birds like pigeons who will scour the floor for any niger seed that has fallen. Niger seed requires a specifically designed feeder. Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After that, you might want to consider purchasing a purpose-built Niger Seed feeder. Generally, you’ll want to replace any uneaten seed that’s more than 4 weeks old. One of the most common birds that loves Niger Seed is the Goldfinch, but you’ll also see Pine Siskins, Common Redpolls and other small birds. Before it’s exported, the seed has to be treated and sterilised with high temperatures to prevent germination and the sprouting of any flowers in your garden, which may harm other native plants. Encourage your birds to stay longer with a bird bath to promote good hygiene. Now they can eat there too! I hot glued on pieces of plastic to the front and back. I have put Niger seed out for my little birds. Everyone is so busy but if you'd like to leave a note for me, I'd love it!! I've never had a problem with the size of the hole in any hummingbird feeder. Now shape a piece of wire like I have here. Product Compare (0) Filter. One with a collecting tray of very fine mesh would seem to be the answer - are there any on the market? Be wary though, this will also encourage big bully birds like pigeons who will scour the floor for any niger seed that has fallen. With the sunflower seed feeder bits dropped on the tray are then eaten quite soon afterwards by birds waiting for a turn at the feeding ports - not so with the niger. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The general belief is that this misconception came about because the seeds look similar and goldfinches love both Niger Seed and Thistle Seed! Got a question for us? Niger is a tiny seed and although it will attract Goldfinches and Siskins it requires the feeder to have small slits instead of the normal port holes associated with other feeders. Put a screw into a fence or wall but leave the head out a little bit. If you have a thistle (Niger) seed feeder they will all flock around it. Niger seed is a great way to attract finches into your garden. Because niger seed is rich in oil and high in nutrition, it makes it an outstanding food for garden birds all year round. It’s perfect for treating the small birds in your area – particularly goldfinches. You have a great blog here - following you on G+, what a neat idea, thanks for sharing, must make some!!!Paula. Most feeders have a hole that will fit the beak, but all that has to fit is the tongue, which may be about 1/4 the diameter or so. These smaller birds are acrobatic when they feed from a niger seed feeder, often seen feeding from them upside down. Because niger seed is rich in oil and high in nutrition, it makes it an outstanding food for garden birds all year round. All the seeds were caked together at the bottom and I knew it was time to get (or make) a new feeder. 1. If you have one of the feeders with the small holes cut into the sides then I would suggest you try the RSPB style one which is similar to the normal seed feeder style - with a large port where the bird has to put it's head into to pick up a seed. Or if you want to go all in and buy a bag of seed and a feeder, we recommend only putting out a small amount (roughly a third of your feeders capacity depending on its size) so they can get used to it. They are easily traversed by the hummingbird's tongue. 15 Likes . They are easy to use and come with attached hangers which can be used anywhere around your garden. Following you on several platforms! call us today on 01778 342 665, Kennedy Wild Bird Food Ltd Peterborough The Warehouse, 74, Station road, Deeping St James, Peterborough PE6 8RQ Company number 7458120, Copyright © 2018, Kennedy Wild Bird Food Ltd. | Site by FireCask, The Ultimate Guide to Using Niger Seeds as Bird Food, are a firm favourite for wild birds, but what do we actually know about this small and exotic seed? Commercially, it is produced in Nigeria, Ethiopia, also stretching all the way to southeast Asia and India. If you aren’t already feeding it to your garden birds, we recommend giving it a try. Droll Yankees Nyjer Tube Feeder. Another trick is to make sure you're giving the birds an opportunity to keep clean. Supplies. However, I recently purchased one that I thought was similar on eBay and the hole diameter was greater and the seed falls out too easily - I won't even hang it and it was an "all purchases final". Keep your bird seed fresh and away from moisture with our range of storage. These products are a great way to start feeding Niger Seed and will complement your garden perfectly. Using a seed tray attached to the bottom of the feeder will prevent this loss to the floor and deter the bigger birds hoping to steal some seed. We recommend purchasing a pre-filled Niger Seed feeder to start off with so your birds can get used to it. Garden Wildlife Direct © 2020. All guides © 2020 their respective authors.


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