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They are often seen to be good alert dogs, sounding a warning with a deep bark. You have to make a clicking sound to make your dog familiar with a particular behavior and then mark it with a reward. To know more about the various health concerns and how to deal with them, please read the list below: Hypothyroidism – This physical ailment occurs when the dog’s thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones. Interactive play with their owners, with games such as fetch, will also help to physically stimulate them and strengthen the bond between dog and owner. As of yet, there is no official breed club for the Pocket Bully, however there is plenty of social media attention and likeminded people who adore this mix. I miss her so much. The Pocket Bully takes the physic from the American Pit Bull and height from Patterdale Terrier. Dogs come in all sizes, from large to small and even so tiny that you can put them in your bag and carry around. It provides more muscle mass on their body along with extra energy. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. There are three varieties of this breed (pocket, standard and giant). Their diet should be full of nutrients as it is essential for their normal and healthy growth. He is the best dog I have ever owned, wonderful with my 10-year-old daughter, incredibly loving and affectionate. [2] This registry first acted as a means to document pedigrees and show the breed against its written standard. Before her some 15 years ago I shared my life with an American bulldog the most intelligent dog. mybullyshop.com. The normal weight of pitbull puppy at this age is around 25 to 50 lbs. Health problems vary within the breed and span the entire spectrum; with some varieties being plagued by problems, and others being well documented for health and quality. They can impregnate female dogs no matter what age they are. Muscle Bully brand is the best type of supplement available. Iodine is also beneficial for thyroid health, so look out for kelp, seaweed, and fish. This crossbreed was developed in the hope of harvesting the active and friendly traits of the American Staffordshire Terrier into a more compact and manageable size exhibited by the Patterdale dog. Dog breeds often have health problems, and the Miniature Pitbull breed is no exception to these issues. Repeat your lessons as many times as possible. They will bark only when they feel they are in an unfamiliar situation. Their body should look fuller without being weighty. Best dog ever! American Pitt Bulls have a short and smooth coat with no undercoat. A Pitbull that is healthy in body and mind is the best kind of dog pet companion that any dog lovers can have. Just like other dog breeds, Pocket Bully has to face some health issues. My pocket Bully Mesa is without a doubt one of the most amazing animals. [1][2][3], While some of the founding kennels, namely Razor's Edge owner Dave Wilson, affirmed that they used only the two first aforementioned breeds to produce the desired dogs, there is consensus that at least five other breeds were used to attain the more "bully" physical traits desired. Pocket Bullies are playful and hyperactive. I was given my Bully from a couple who couldn’t cope with how rambunctious he was at 4 months. It weighs around 35-60 lbs. When we go to the park everyone loves them and they love everyone. Hypothyroidism affects dogs between the ages of 4 to 10. Pocket. They have a short coat which is easily manageable. Things you need to avoid while training a Pocket Bully. They require regular maintenance like other dogs. He is the best dog ever! Despite this laid-back attitude towards children, prospective owners may want to wait until the family’s children are a bit older as these dogs can be quite boisterous when excited. You can buy premium dog foods in stores, groceries, and supermarkets. The ovulation takes place in the first 48 hours, but that can vary from dog to dog. A standard male American bully stands between 17 and 20 inches (43-51 cm) while a standard female stands between 16 and 19 inches (40-48 cm). This dog’s temperament is something many people worry about when it comes to adopting a American Bully rescue, however, this canine was specifically bred to remove any aggressive traits. All dogs are classified and shown as Standard until they reach a year of age, at which point they are separated into the varieties and shown against their own type. The American Bully can weight anywhere from 70-120 pounds. Keeping your dog at a healthy weight is very important, and her chances of developing heart disease are much higher if she is overweight or obese. For this reason, they are better suited to more experienced owners with an active lifestyle who are more practiced and confident at handling a powerful and strong-willed dog. A high-quality kibble diet is appropriate for this dog, feeding them twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. The breed stands at 12 to 16 inches in height. We have listed down a few food items which are suitable for Pocket Bullies. This intelligent dog requires plenty of exercise and training to challenge him both physically and mentally to prevent the development of any undesirable behaviors. People love to pet dogs because of their loyalty and faithfulness towards their owners. A female Pocket Bully can mature as soon as six months of age or as late as two years of age. This instinct should always be kept in check, however, as Pocket Pits could easily become overly territorial. My baby is a little over a year and he weighs 87 pounds – thinking he weighs 5. Avoid buying dogs foods that are low in quality and are economy brand types.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'americanbullydaily_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',118,'0','0'])); One usually makes homemade dog foods from scratch using vegetables, meat, fruits or a combination of each. The American Bully is nothing but kind, loving and gentle towards family members. Everything About Pitbull and Bully Dog Breeds. Eye Problems. It’s better to consult a breeder or a veterinarian before introducing raw dog food to your pet. This is one of the reasons why this breed is highly in demand. A Pocket Bully is bred by crossing a Patterdale Terrier with an American Pitbull (or American Staffordshire Terrier) to produce a dog who is friendly, loyal and loving. My Bully Shop is supported by its audience. One thing to be wary of when purchasing this breed, some American Bully breeders like to make their dogs extra muscly and turn to the use of steroids. It has been recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) since July 15, 2013. Depending on the severity of hypothyroidism dosage and frequency of administering the drug may vary. This however is not the case at all, and is disproved everyday by Pitbulls who make loving family pets. Mini Pitbulls aren’t teacup size as you might expect – they are small but still very muscular dogs that look much like a Pitbull. Healthy male Pocket Bullscan mate at any time once they have reached sexual maturity. These assurances mean your Mini Pitbull is more likely to be a healthy pup. As a result, pain is caused, which makes the dog uncomfortable. These dogs are so intelligent that they can pick up whatever you try to teach them. Males measure under 17 inches (43 cm) and no less than 14 inches (36 cm) at the withers. Training will also help keep their alert mind stimulated and help to prevent boredom and undesirable behaviors which often result from a lack of training. It has a glossy coat, which is easy to maintain. Oral hormone replacements are an option to manage the condition in conjunction with a healthy diet and iodine supplements. These pups are quality and parents are super wide with a low chest and big heads. What is the right food for Pocket Bullies? Quite low on maintenance, this canine only needs their daily exercise and not much else. Look out for foods with fish or flaxseed oil, as these are rich in omega-3s. Pitbull’s lineage is another factor in its behavior. Maintaining a healthy weight in your dog is essential, as the less weight on those joints, the less strain on those joints. The Pocket Bully is a mix between the American Pitbull Terrier and the smaller Patterdale Terrier. This period lasts for almost nine days. Note that the weight and height apply only to normal Pitbulls. Generally, Pocket Bullies can be quite protective of their family, but with plenty of socialization and appropriate training, they can learn to be just as friendly towards strangers as they are towards members of their family. Otherwise, she may well try to rise to the top herself, which is where problems can occur. It can happen anytime between 6-24 months. This muscular and athletic canine needs room to be able to run around and let off energy. Pocket Bully has some noteworthy peculiarities. They are much more expensive than a purebred Pitbull, so you should be prepared to spend more, and always make sure the breeder is responsible. [The Ultimate Guide], 6. The Pocket Bullies usually exhibits short and smooth coat just like American Pitt Bulls. The type of food that a Pocket Pitbull eats is essential to growth, development, and health. To mitigate the canine’s behavior, it is necessary to train and socialize it. Are you looking for a small dog that has fierce looks? Nail clipping is also advised as needed, your local veterinarian or groomer can help you with this. But in case it is critical, then surgery is the only solution for it. You don’t have to spend much amount on hiring professional groomers for Pocket Bullies. Get your Mini Pitbull from a reputable breeder. The Pocket version is the shortest, with males being under 17" and females under 14", but still packs a considerable amount of muscle. This can be treated by a veterinarian to prevent any long term issues. It is a very social breed, and if trained well, they learn to be friendly around strangers. We recommend feeding your dog a high quality dry kibbled diet that is specialized for medium to large sized dog breeds. Hip Dysplasia. Don’t worry if your house is not big and spacious enough. She should also have a diet low in sodium, as an excess causes fluid buildup and puts a strain on the heart. However, it is still important to ensure that your puppy is well socialized so that introductions run smoothly. Some myths about the dog are that they are naturally vicious, prone to unprovoked aggression and will turn on their owners.


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