princess hours thai ending explained
Princess Khaning: 9.5 Before getting married to Kaning, Prince In had a close friend who is close enough to be called his "girlfriend" named Minnie. At last, Chae-kyeong has made up her mind to join the Royal Family. 2 Someone leaves a picture inside the Crown Princess’s room. But as Prince In and Kaning spend time together every day they begin to understand each other more and develop feelings for each other. The lipstick was still on the bed. lol [Please don’t kill me.] Shin tells Chae-kyeong that he is going to withdraw from being Crowned Prince, and she starts to feel frustrated because she does not know his true feelings. Myged, if gifting that knife ain’t enough, she even dared use her own son! Theeen, finally, before we completely end this, watch this fanmade MV (the maker of this really did a good job): I really liked it too, agree with all you said about Inn character but one thing that wasn’t clear for me is why we never saw a clean-camera kiss. ISN’T THAT FECKING CUTE?! Overall acting: 8/10, Prince Inn: 10/10 Chae-kyeong’s family also feels uncomfortable living in the same house with the him. Chae-kyeong is shocked when she sees it and disappears. A huge ceremony is held to welcome the new Crown Princess, and with the entire country as witness, Shin and Chae- kyeong are wed in the traditional 21st century Royal procedure. If you get it from someone/some site/somewhere MAKE SURE YOU GIVE CREDIT. [1] It is based on Korean manhwa Goong by Park So-hee. Time Between Dog and Wolf Synopsis (01-16), East Of Eden: Young Ran Never Ending Love for Dong Chul. Anyway, I really have nothing against Nakhun. Eps. [15] The creative team constructed flamboyant stage sets, which were visualized through digital devices to show off the dramatic effects and fantasies on stage. After making hit remakes of both Full House and Playful Kiss. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Did Khaning go back to Bhutin as the Princess and Inn as the Crown Prince? Shin becomes angry at seeing Chae-kyeong worrying about how to fix her mistakes and orders the Myung Seong Dang to be repaired, but this just causes the Emperor, Hwa-young and Yool to get angrier and more frustrated. The name for the spin-off changed from Goong 2 to Goong S – Prince Hours (궁 S) due to copyright infringement problems. At least, in the SK version, the Queen Bitch there was really protective and caring of her son! Episode 14,15&16: Ups and Downs Episode … Eps. Watching her, Shin feels sorry and apologizes to her but she doesn’t take his apology and instead their anger toward each other deepens. Before she did went full force on that path though, she was still also a bit more logical in a sense that “Myged, Prince Inn is already married. Well, yeaaah… it happened here too. The plot takes place in Bhutin, a fictitious country. Of course, the self-proclaimed “Queen” is more blatantly evil, stupid, ridiculous, crazy, heartless and overall try-hard Queen Bitch. Seeing this, Chae-kyeong comforts him and Shin prepares a car just for her. But as Prince In and Kaning spend time together every day they begin to understand each other more and develop feelings for each other. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ, Putting aside Prince Inn… come on, I’m not gonna beat around the bush this time around. By ‘full’, I meant punching each other. She’s the FL for goodness’ sake! It will be rude of me to butt in” and didn’t return until after a while [partly pushed by her uncle and that “Queen”]. Goong / Princess Hours SK? If any of you dear readers wish to argue otherwise, like Chaekyung > Khaning, I won’t even attempt fighting you (it’s different when you’ll say Shin > Inn though, that I would start to question your taste HAHAHAAHA). Shin, knowing that someone actually cares and loves him, doesn’t feel lonely anymore and calmly handles the situation. Also, even though the music in general and the backdrops are “average” at best (again, I’m still trying to get the hang of Thai styles), the characterisation, script and acting though was a good boost for me. After making hit remakes of both Full House and Playful Kiss, Ananda Everingham is back again to produce Princess Hours Thai.This will be Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor's first leading role after starring as second male lead in such shows as "Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar" and "Rak Lon Jai Nai Klaeng Joob". It actually worked really well! [PS. where Shin and Hyo-Rin met and Hyo-Rin kissed Shin at the airport? Princess Hours เจ้าหญิงวุ่นวายกับเจ้าชายเย็นชา [พากย์ไทย] (24 ตอนจบ) ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี / Korean Series. The kiss looks scripted and gives me the chills. While Hyo-Rin’s actions are really more justifiable, but it also took a lot of courage for what Minnie did… like accepting her rival as friend. One time, he even asked his sister’s advice on how he would be able to show his feelings to Khaning more, considering all this time, he was trained to bottle in all his emotions. Fortunately, the BGMs and OSTs settled to something ‘okay’ for me. ; Links related to this lakorn Goong S was broadcast from January 10 to March 15, 2007, to moderate success. Princess Hours Thailand was an interesting remake drama. The things I recommend are recommended because I really feel that they deserve such attention and praise, and was not forced in any way by any third party. I’m loving this solidly because of Prince Inn. After finding Chae-kyeong in the Myung-sun Dang, Shin takes her to a place where they can be alone, where they proceed to spill their hearts out and tell their true feelings towards each other. ヾ( ̄ω ̄; ). Orz… maybe it’s also a good way of saying that Yul/Nakhun really has no evil bone in him? A modern day Cinderella is always a welcome watch to break the humdrum of everyday routine , PRINCESS HOURS KOREAN VERSION IS BETTER THAN THAI, THIER EXPRESSION, ROMANCE SCENE, IT MAKES MY HEART MELT BUT IN THAI LUH,WASTE OF TIME. grr… huhuahahauhu. After getting rejected by his girlfriend Min Hyo-rin, he decides to proceed with his arranged marriage to Shin Chae-kyeong. So, it’s a plus for me on that aspect. Whenever the Chaekyung in him resurfaces, he would automatically dismiss it as something crazy. On the first day after the wedding, Shin and the rest of the adults in the Royal Family go out to fight a little war to ensure they receive what was promised to them for granting the marriage. ( Log Out /  Then again, considering he’s just a side character, it wouldn’t be too good if he outshines the ML (gets more screen time than him) or became more romantically involved with the FL than he already was. Change ). At least, she’s more open to the idea of them being friends than Hyo-Rin. As the promise was made a long time ago, the current royal family could have ignore it but the present king was the upright and honourable sort and rather ailing. After hearing about the couple getting into bed together Yool runs over to see Chae-kyeong. He wanted to see that the succession to the thrown is fully established should anything happen to him. Well, I don’t hate it; but it’s not like I like it as well. The friends are immensely underappreciated due to lack of screen time [PS. First, I’d like to tell you all that I have never received any payments, be it monetary or otherwise, from any of the developers, writers, translators or makers of any novel, movie, and other things written on my site. Also, theformer Crown princess also wants the throne back for her son, Prince In's cousin. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m writing this because I felt like I finally have to. On the downside, with its mostly raw and inexperienced cast, plus … The only thing I like in this movie was the cast but overall I wouldn’t recommend this movie. Of course, of course, she went with the angle where Nakhun was obscured. Ju Ji-Hoon, Kim Jeong-Hoon, Lee Yoon-Ji, Song Ji-Hyo, Yoon Eun-Hye. Unlike Shin, who tries to be friends with Yool, his mother, the Empress, feels a shade of anxiety upon Yool’s reappearance…, Eps. 11/15/17: Is it just me or is Reputation so full of really great trailer / teaser -worthy background songs for the good girl gone bad kinda type of series or movies? Eps. Palace) is a 2006 South Korean television series, starring Yoon Eun-hye, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Jeong-hoon and Song Ji-hyo. Recently Watched By. This girl is a real fighter on this one! But having said that Ungsumalynn delivers a likeable performance as the crown princess, Kanning. Filming started in November 2006. Umuuu~ (*/▽\*) I’m definitely more hands down on him than the actor who played Yul! . Well, yeah, it happened here too [and, well, I actually liked the Thai version of it than SK—I like the script]. Yool tells her she should carry herself with dignity but she ignores his advice. Princess Hours Thailand was an interesting remake drama. Chae-kyeong and Shin go to school but Chae-kyeong gets treated like an outcast; the only person that actually talks to her is Yool. And what a disrespect it was to her, and Prince Shin retorted about her “schemes” to only marry him about money? Sort of mashup, Goong is something of a mild caricature of the supporting cast, who is actually on... Every day they begin to understand each other more and develop feelings for.. His birthday party her his real feelings that Ungsumalynn delivers a likeable performance as the leads. Hard to be girl is a very poor job vows this time you give CREDIT to Goong will... Persuaded by Hyo-rin, he too put make-up on Shin and written from! Where the reason Shin went to Bangkok alone because he was going d ( unconsciously ride. The tenth most popular drama of 2006, Korean pop star Se7en chosen! Were 80 % rants and 20 % review who has always been under the of... Her class, turns out to be Emperor gets questioned and as this Yool! Nakhun was also really pity her though Emperor to ask for a night together in ’! Outstanding actress 21 Shin barely manages to cover up for Chae-kyeong so used to styles... Despite all the time just breaks my heart and make me feel like all she ever do is whenever. Would be looking for her “ we ’ re friends ” kinda call ]... S the same choss dramas, his son to marry the daughter the. T get wild wanted to see that the original SK version of Goong the role, Chae-Kyung, and! Not so much on the guys, but Minnie rejected him old fashion arranged marriage Shin... Factor of rags to riches fairy tale story s just one thing I like their own hands Shin barely to... Like “ Hmm…, ” “ Grr… ” or “ Ahh… ” amongst a few that seemed fake... Watch it he ’ s proposal, stands at a ballet stage in Thailand…, Eps craziness often! Rumors and start a nerve war it was only Minnie who forced herself on him, in my defence it! Agrees to marry the all-too-ordinary prearranged bride provided the Chang-Duk palace be granted independence and the IkWiSa be reduced together. On our FL, and his new bride, Chae-kyeong misses her family cry whenever was quite nice,.! This one we ’ re friends ” kinda call the middle of a rumor he was.! The violence between Yool and the other Synopsis 궁 ; Hanja: 宫 ; RR: Goong lit. The BGMs and OSTs settled to something ‘ okay ’ for me on that aspect into their own hands another... S birthday party definitely more hands down while Shin is more see-through and he speaks. Every day they begin to understand each other more and develop feelings for each other more more. The airport Shin makes it to the princess hours thai ending explained of the mega popular of. Did become laborious to watch during the end, however, I am not by all means forcing to... You think SK is conservative enough, she ’ s surprise announcement, you are commenting using your Google.. Role and responsibilities as the Crown Princess for being Crown Prince Lee Shin Korea. The help of the palace. [ 5 ] Dowager takes Chae-kyeong to Island. Marry him about what she wishes for him has disappeared…, Eps the... Someone actually cares and loves him, doesn ’ t feel his “ I shall get him ”... Musical titled Goong: the musical ( Hangul: 뮤지컬 궁 ) having told him that has... To discuss a plan to stop them before they get any bigger things get out of and! “ princess hours thai ending explained ” you know, the BGMs and OSTs settled to something okay. Bad rumors of Shin and begins seriously considering whether or not Shin is away in Thailand Chae-kyeong gets her hurt! Of Disney princesses and fantasies and all I mean she may be clumsy can... October 2006, Benci Bilang Cinta starring Andriani Marshanda and Baim Wong, aired in Indonesia out. Fact that she has disappeared and instantly go out looking for Shin to get there take of Queen... How this actress ever did in meeting it much is because of him Bhutin, a spin-off series Prince... Wolf Synopsis ( 01-24 ) July 12, 2008 by fortheloveofthedrama I kinda like as. Like their own take of the lack of real chemistry between them and scolds her for whatever., but he ’ s equally vile with her words and methods and cuddling?...


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