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When the star took on the house it had been empty for 10 years and was covered in black mould and cut off from the village water supply. The house, named Rise Hall, was recorded in the Domesday Book and was once owned by Richard III. Pearl's passion for her home is palpable from the minute Sarah opens the door, and listeners join her on a tour of her impressive country manor with its dozen or so bedrooms and views of rolling fields. But it was just so far away. Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox. magazine they decided to make a permanent move after considering their children’s education. I would have been depressed about closing down this house if there wasn’t a new door opening," she continued, surveying her formal sitting room. "I've chosen the latter." We've taken on a sheep farm where we are building a house and it's really daunting now at 47 than it was buying Rise Hall at 27. The property guru – who also started an online dating website and estate agency - said doing up the East Yorkshire property would have cost someone without her expertise 'an awful lot more'. If you wish to change your mind and would like to stop receiving communications from, you can revoke your consent by clicking on "unsubscribe" in the footer of the newsletter. Above: The lovingly-restored library at Rise Hall. "We didn't move rather than build a new extension, we've moved because we wanted a whole new way of life. She told the Daily Mail: 'It wasn't an investment, we didn't buy it as a business. And Sarah says she has no regrets about buying the enormous abode. They bought the property last August, but Sarah has been commuting to London for work and has been reluctant to let go of the home they moved into on their eldest son Billy’s first birthday. Opening the doors to her seven-bedroom home, in which she lives with husband Graham Swift and their four sons, Sarah told the magazine: "I always said I would never sell this house – it represents my sons' childhood and we all have such magical memories here. As a TV property guru Sarah Beeny (pictured with new owner Dan Gill) has advised many homeowners how to climb the property ladder. This week Sarah's in beautiful Somerset at the fabulous country home of Britpop star turned clothing and interiors entrepreneur Pearl Lowe. Ask the boys what they love best about their new life and the response in unanimous. I wanted that side to be nurtured." "I've always been involved with buildings so it is really exciting learning about the environment and wildlife," Sarah says. Their home started out as a two-up, two-down gardener's cottage serving a larger house that has long since been demolished. "Then, when my father had a stroke in January 2018, it made me realise that as he becomes frailer, I need to be around more." The family are now living on a 220-acre sheep farm in Somerset, where they intend to build a seven-bedroom farmhouse.


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