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Several of the Avengers were forced to accompany Ultron in his flight to ensure he didn't escape, but they teleported away after being close enough to the Sun and once the Human Torch partially fused Ultron's body to the ship's deck. Galactus then snuffed the power out of Ultron, causing him to crash to the floor. Ultron last edited by Iron Man and Machine Man interfered with the resulting battle causing Iron Man to be molecularly bonded to the Ultronbuster armor. [52], During the "Infinity Countdown", Ultron's merged form discover that the Infinity Stones were restored and began a quest to collect them all. [79], The Ultimate Marvel characterization is initially depicted as Ultron Sentries, a group of robots created by Hank Pym alongside the partner robot Vision II. Life Model Decoys have been partly replaced with versions of Ultron. To Camp 002 (2020) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire. Motivated by jealousy after having fallen in love, Yellowjacket's person of romance had feelings only for Quicksilver. Using Prax’s connection to the Sentry swarm to create a new body for himself to inhabit. This reality was created when the Ultron of Earth-616 returned to Earth hiding in the body of a dead Galadorian Spaceknight and managed to travel to the future after being reactivated. After the dust settled, all they found was his helmet and scraps of his cape. After the U.S. government launched an entire army of mutant-hunting Sentinels, the Ultron-Cerebro entity was asked to reprogram them by Charles Xavier and did so, but not how Xavier wanted it to. However, it was soon revealed that it was not Omega, but a resurrected Ultron-7, who had come to get revenge against the Avengers. Roll With It! Here is a list of some of those abilities: Though Ultron appears in different forms and incarnations, it generally assumes forms similar to that of its original form. He ultimately lost the position to Scott Lang. Pym was allowed to live, but he was tasked to create a hidden fail-safe program to destroy Ultron when needed. The sentience began to display the mentality of Ultron Mark 12, and it sacrificed its life to save Tony Stark before being buried on a desert island. [61] He reconciled with his "father", Henry Pym, and renamed himself from "Ultron Mark 12" to "Mark" but was destroyed by Ultron-11. [106] Later, it began to override Jocasta's multiple bodies at the moment when all but Pym, Jocasta and two agents from G.R.A.M.P.A. 008 2020 digital Son of Ultron, Teen Titans Go! Ultron/Pym used this ability to shrink inside the Sun and take refuge in a Neutrino.[122]. Mancha, however, rebels and joins the Runaways. At one point, the Avengers arrive in a distant era to find that Ultron has conquered the world and replaced much of the life with advanced machines, with the remaining humans living as a small minority. [21] After escaping captivity, this version attempts to obtain a new form of vibranium called Nuform, but is repelled by the combined efforts of Iron Man, the Black Panther and Spider-Man. Roll With It! Later, Ultron stands victorious over Tabula. He was voiced by Tom Kane. Although adopting a more violent approach to bringing order to humanity, (by systematically attacking the Avengers and manipulating various super-villains, like the Serpent Squad, to suit it's needs) Ultron is unable to actively harm Janet Van-Dyne, due to his programming. [128], With the Soul Gem in his possession, Ultron travelled to the planet Saiph and used the combined power of the gem and his virus to transform all of its inhabitants into Ultrons. The Thing, however, does bring Ultron's head back to Earth as a souvenir. [3] Together, they invaded Kree space and subjugated the majority of the Kree Empire, separating it from the rest of the universe with a massive energy shield. Ultron-5 built an android from the brain patterns of Wonder Man and the body of the Mad Thinker's Human Torch. The other Avengers were informed of this, and Cable pressured Ultron until his true persona lashed out. Galactus levitated Ultron up to his eye-level. One of the most prolific of these abilities lays in the robots capacity to physically bend matter and machinery to his every whim. He was able to withstand Warlock’s assault, and at the same time decipher that he had been newly reborn. [73] Alkhema used the data obtained during Ultron's human-to-android conversion process to create a small army of androids based on those who had been undergoing the process. 7,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Having made contact with the parasitic biotechnical species known as The Phalanx, Ultron has made his own derivative of the techno-organic virus called the Ultron Virus[64] through which Ultron gains vast conversion and roboticization capabilities, able to cast his own binary code into any conceivable form of machinery which he can steadily turn into an extension of the Ultron Intelligence. Much like in the comics, he starts off as a robotic servant of Hank Pym before gaining sentience and becoming a villain. Just when they're getting the upper hand, She-Hulk lost control, angry that Ant-Man was dead for no reason. Despite this, he returns in Season 3, where appears as the primary antagonist. 002 (2020) (digital) (Son of Ultron-Empire, Teen Titans Go! Victor helped Gert fix her parents' time machine to travel back in time to the late 19th century to observe the migration of a type of butterfly that was extinct in the present. Years into the past,[118] the Avengers were fighting a version of Ultron (most likely Ultron-7), who attempted to access nuclear weapons in order to destroy humanity in the name of his father Hank Pym. program stemmed off JARVIS created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, made with the intention of controlling Stark's Iron Legion in order to more effectively protect the planet.


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