turtle spiritual meaning
Turtle spirit aids in the finding of our inner peace through meditation and healing. This totem will help you to integrate the key aspects of your life to create a better you. Alternatively, the turtle spirit guide is asking to get out of your shell. The symbol of the turtle has many meanings and connotations. The heavens are symbolized by the shell of the turtle.The earth is symbolized by the body of the turtle. This means that you pay close attention to the smaller details of your life. Do not focus on lost opportunities. This means that you are punishing yourself for nothing. It opens your mind’s eyes to your self-worth. The turtle animal totem helps you move slowly throughout this world, observing it as it goes by, allowing slow steady work to drive your purposes forward. The turtle has a very slow movement over the ground. You are not able to read the writings on the wall. You are not scared of the challenges ahead. The turtle has little armor for offense, hence it can only be defensive. These sections are supposedly related to the thirteen phases of the moon which occur yearly. What’s the hurry for? Don’t allow any distractions and obstacles to come in the way of your progress. And, your journey will be more fulfilling. The mysteries of the universe are said to be found on the turtles back according to the Chinese Emperor Fu Xi who founded the idea of the Lo Shu Square ( “scroll of the river Lo” ). Also, the baggage may present itself in the form of addiction. Move out of your comfort zone. There was a lot of turtle symbolism that week. When this spirit guide comes to you in the form of a dream, listen very keenly to the message she brings. When you are thus prepared, you won’t suffer unnecessary worry and regrets. Steady solid growth and prosperity are all attributes of the turtle. – Nature’s Oracle Cards, Cairns Turtle Rescue. This means that you won’t do things for the sake of doing them. A golden turtle in your dream symbolizes prosperity. The symbolic meaning of the turtles “slow” motion signifies that one should move slowly and take into consideration only one thing at a time before moving on to the next project. This spirit guide wants you to stay strong. Steady solid growth and prosperity are all attributes of the turtle. Then this guide is for you! I am Turtle, ancient keeper of knowledge of generations past Don’t succumb to the peer pressure that wants you to move too fast. People with the turtle spirit animal do not take to short-cuts. This means that you stand to reap the benefits associated with these qualities by welcoming this spirit guide into your life. The turtle spirit guide asks you not to burn your energies unnecessarily. This carries much meaning to people leaving on this continent. It tells you not to allow anything to slow you down. Turtle provides a comfortable relaxed state in which to work toward a future goal. Having turtle as a totem animal can be, at times quite challenging, turtle spirit demands peaceful surroundings with silent wisdom of inner peace, this is hard to hold in the money orientated the world we live. The turtle spirit animal urges you to cut off any excess baggage in your life. I learnt a bit about Turtle medicine a few years ago during a holiday at a very quiet coastal area. Take the right measures to get rid of them. P.S. Oftentimes, we encounter rough patches in our existence. Turtle animal spirit is a symbol of all living things, living together in peace and harmony. They know that it is the slow that emerge winners. Turtle Spiritual Meaning. Celebrating over 10 years online. © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott. This is there method of defending themselves from enemies. Rather, this spirit guide enables you to relish every moment of your existence. Yes, it’s good to see the big picture. Tortoise Meaning. You cannot rush turtle he is on his own path and moves in his own time, he reminds us to be gentle, forgiving and wondrous. This time-taking crawl of the turtle seems natural for those who are wise and consider one thing at a time without reacting. Never lost, journeying on the round, Atlantis my mast If you are a little lost or seeking wise conversation turtle is the one to talk to, find him through your dreams or meditations. All Rights Reserved |. Now, these patches will still be there on your journey. It fortifies your emotional and spiritual dispositions. This means that you are a more balanced individual. In some mythologies it was believed that the different body parts of the turtle have been used to create the different heavenly bodies.The turtle stands for the meaning of being a mother and a creator. This means turtles live long life’s -so the symbolic meaning held by many cultures regarding the turtles is that one will have a long life. Call on the turtle spirit animal when you find yourself in the following situations: Turtles are never in a hurry. Reveal which numbers show up in YOUR Numerology Chart ». Copyright 2020 The Secret of The Tarot. Turtle spirit aids in the finding of our inner peace through meditation and healing. I found a large dead turtle washed up on a beach a removed the skull. Turtle spirit personalities exude the energy of perseverance and determination in creating an indomitable spirit. The turtle will guide you with wisdom, but his ultimate wish is for you to find your own way, with him by your side for some wise conversation. Meditation is the perfect time to connect with turtle and share stories with him, the turtle is not a straightforward teacher, he prefers you work out his personal message for you through the stories he tells you. Many Native American Indians hold the Turtle as a symbolism of mother earth herself. You need to look at “green” as a spiritual color to find it’s actual meaning. When the turtle spirit animal comes into your life, it brings a message of peace. Acutely aware, sensually gliding the waters This way, you’ll have the confidence to make it to the next stage. When in danger, it retracts its head and feet into the shell. She is a much loved totem of mine. Free Personalized Numerology Reading By Clicking Here! The shell and the underbelly of a turtle are supposed to be full of sacred writings. Additionally, the turtle dream means that you need to protect yourself from some dangers lurking in your life. These turtles are strong and there has been researching into whether they are in fact a “black” turtle. It gives you the inspiration to exude your natural wisdom in solving conflict and confrontations. The hard shell of the turtle protects it from harm. You feel that you do not have enough time. This spirit guide is powerful symbolism in your life. The turtle spirit presence in your life stands for wisdom and determination. In Japan, the turtle has the name Genbu ( The listener ) and is a symbol of longevity. Interestingly she showed me that they are connected to the matrix of stars as well and are master navigators. You have the confidence of the turtle to guide you through the roughest waters of life. It encourages you to create peace and harmony in your environment. Do you really need all of them? Turtle totem holds Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom, Longevity, Turtle is the Symbolic Totem For Mother Earth Herself, Meditation, Peace, Feminine energy, Ancient Earth Wisdom, Intuition, Past Lives, Fortitude, Earth Guardian, Element Water, Connected to the moon, Divination, Psychic energy, Telepathy, Patience, Serendipity, Endurance. P.S. The turtle spirit is quite resourceful. This baggage may be in the form of old, undesirable habits. Home is a powerful place, and Turtle will slip within when negative emotions threaten, to ride on the turbulence of rage, envy, and the behavior of those around her. The turtle or tortoise represents the north direction ( Black of Water ) in feng shui and is one of the four celestial animals guarding the four directions, the others being the Dragon ( East – Green of spring ), Phoenix ( Fire of Red – South ), Tiger ( West – White of Metal ).


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