viking capital pool loan credit requirements
The loans may have different rates and terms. (Used for pool install)Thank you SO Robert…. Whether you find pool financing on your own or work with a pool builder who assists, here are seven ways that you may be able to borrow money—secured and unsecured—for a new pool. LET’S GET STARTED – THERE’S NO OBLIGATION. It was literally within a few hours for the moment Robert contacted me about my application. It was literally within a few hours for the moment Robert contacted me about my application. We have been wanting to build a pool for many years and now that we have pulled the trigger we need a good loan company. are. You’ll meet with your personal loan consultant to review your options and select the best loan option for you. So easy a caveman can do it. First off, the most important thing to consider is that adding a pool will give your family a, How To Choose the Best Swimming Pool Contractor Are you financing a swimming pool? Went with Viking and within an hour we were approved for the amount needed for our pool and with a much lower interest rate. read less. Family members must be “lineal” (spouse or direct-line ancestors and descendants. Terms and conditions are based on borrower (and co-borrower if applicable) needs and qualifications and are subject to change and may expire without notice. to our Military Families. Robert reached out to me several times during the course of the day to make sure I received all of the documentation I was supposed to and explained in detail exactly how my loan would work and all of the specifics associated with the funding. I realize everyone’s situation varies, but our entire process from start to finish was completed within several days. team to work efficiently and spend more quality People with higher scores can typically borrow money at a lower rate and cost than people in lower credit tiers. Went with Viking and within an… read moreApplied for a pool loan with Lyon Financial initially. ... there is no further obligation or requirement to remain a member of the credit union. However, the details of swimming pool loans can make it confusing to compare several estimates. Viking Capital offers the most diverse and desirable swimming pool loans available anywhere! The time and effort required by a pool builder to help their customer find a great loan and to manage the loan process was too much. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Free consultation. Bill Powell has retired but Greg Powell continues to lead the Viking Capital family (including a few more Powells) as President. Every team member has the determination and know-how to provide you with a 5-Star worthy experience. Viking Capital was the answer to our dream of adding a pool to our backyard living environment. How long will it take? The applicant or co-applicant (or Family Member*) is active duty, military retiree, reservist, or veteran. Process VERY easy and quick. Submit your loan application and Viking Capital helps you select the best loan for your needs and qualifications. Their territory expanded from California to Texas and other states over the next few years. People with higher scores can typically borrow money at a lower rate and cost than people in lower credit tiers. Understanding all the ways you can pay for your pool can help you decide if you really want to borrow for the expense and what type of loan might be a good option for you. Made the whole loan process very easy and pain free! Awesome work by this professional group! read less. Ideally, we like to see a DTI of 50 percent or less (including the loan amount being requested). Thanks, Viking! Thanks guys for helping me out and making our dreams come true. Viking was extremely helpful and explained the process fully. When choosing a lender or finance company for a loan, make sure they will not pull a “hard inquiry” without speaking to you first. It was definitely the answer for us. Everything upfront and you chose and close your deal! After my loan documentation was signed and returned, he made the call to my pool contractor, and now we are on our way to having our dream pool built. * Loan terms and availability vary based on borrower qualifications and are subject to change without notice.


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