wensleydale railway stock list
Wensleydale Railway. Group Builder Type Number Name Status Photo M/L Steam Darlington 0-6-0T 69023 Joem Operational Yes Doncaster 4-6-2 3C+Tender 4464 Bittern Operational Yes Swindon 2-10-0 92219 Stored Yes M/L Diesel Swindon 0-6-0DH D9523 Operational Yes Swindon 0-6-0DM 03144 Operational Yes Charter o EE RSHD Bo-BoDE 20110 (8110) Operational Yes EE Vulcan Bo-BoDE 20166 Operational Yes Thus everyone was allowed to detrain for an impromptu 15 minute break whilst things cooled down a little. This has been costed at £2 million and is listed in a five-year plan. The Wensleydale Railway is a heritage railway in Wensleydale and Lower Swaledale in North Yorkshire, England. The Wensleydale Railway: Ex BR standard class 2-6-4 4MT mixed traffic tank engine 80105 takes on coal and water in preparation for a hard days work. [13], In the late 1860s, several competing railways proposed to serve the agricultural land around Hawes. The line was once a through route linking Northallerton with Garsdale, and the line currently has plans to link up with the both the former (the track is still in situ and is currently being upgraded as funds allow) and the latter (a longer term as only the trackbed, 18 miles of it, remains). Search, Background & Tips: Download Page. A trial train ran in November 1993 and full MoD operations started in July 1996. Departing 14 minutes late with 213 passengers on-board we headed towards Redmire. That hard work was completed not by me, but by those that mattered: Kev, Jerry and Terry. The line is a relative newcomer with the first trains running between Leeming and Leyburn in 2003, extending to the Redmire a year later. The photos (below) of this event were taken by Damian Clement [Member 0003], who retains all copyright. By 15th September bookings had passed through the breakeven mark and on 19th September tickets were issued. Standard 4 Tank No. We were all set. They are for personal use only. So is the South Tynedale, its east of the Pennines and runs predominantly within Northumberland, is also South Tynedale for a reason - South Tynedale being one of the two tributaries of the major North East river - the TYNE! The list includes those still to be restored as well as those which are operational. A current rolling stock list can be found in the “Notice Board” section of the Wensleydale Railway Association’s website. Other locomotives may also visit the Wensleydale Railway for events or periods of hire. 62005, Hudswell Clarke No. [citation needed], This article is about the railway in Yorkshire, England. Video and commentary - Garsdale railway station, once the junction for the Wensleydale line. The company's longer-term aim is to reopen the 18 miles (29 km) of line west from Redmire via Castle Bolton, Aysgarth, Askrigg, Bainbridge, Hawes and Mossdale to join up with the Settle-Carlisle Railway Route at Garsdale. And now the fun started…. Other locomotives may also visit the Wensleydale Railway for events or periods of hire. The stored stock was shunted back in the sidings and we were ready to head back to Leeming Bar, this time with the 08s in Top and Tail mode with 08743 leading and 08903 assisting at the rear. For more details on the Wensleydale Railway go to http://www.wensleydalerail.com/, Thomas Muir – The Saved & The Forgotten Four. For more details on the Wensleydale Railway go… [9], The Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne Junction Railway had been proposed in the mid-1840s railway mania to link Settle, Hawes and Askrigg,[10] and in 1846 the Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle upon Tyne Junction Railway was given permission for a main line from Elslack, on the Leeds and Bradford Railway, to Scorton on the Richmond branch of the Great North of England Railway, and a branch line to Hawes,[11][12] but this scheme failed. 4464 Bittern, Class K4 No. [32] A study commissioned by the railway indicated that an initial extension to Aysgarth from Redmire (3 miles (4.8 km)), would generate an extra income of £3.1 million into the local economy with an additional £500,000 in ticket sales for the railway. Foyle Valley railway - currently closed but a quantity of stock is stabled at its site For completeness, the Republic of Ireland. The line is open between Leeming Bar and Redmire (with another three intermediate stations) with the stock storage, facilities and headquarters all located at Leeming. You must have been to nearly all of them now! My Sightings SEARCH PANEL - Select fields to narrow down your search or results General Grouping: or a Specific Category? We first started to discuss this event back in 2015. Thread starter alexl92; Start date 24 Feb 2015; Status Not open for further replies. 1 hour and 40 minutes after arriving, all the track had been covered viz Redmire end of line, both loading ramps and the run-round loop. [33] It is hoped to recommence services at a future date once work to upgrade level crossing equipment is complete. On arrival at Leeming Bar West one of the quickest loco changes I have known in the UK took place where 08743 was removed in favour of 47715, but arrival back in the platform was still some 1 hour 45 minutes late! Railtour Info Coaching Stock Home | 2020 Tours | Locohauled | Promoters | News | TOCs | Contact | Archive | Photos | Links. Bookings opened on August 18th under the stewardship of Jill Everitt and Reid Freight Services Limited issued the Class 08 movement orders on 25th August with the locos transferring from Teesside to Wensleydale on 8th September. You added Aln Valley, but not the Bowes... probably too much in my post to take it all in! It is remarkable that these two locomotives, that had been in store for many years, were now powering this charter on their first loaded run, but by Leyburn 08903’s middle axle bearing was getting a bit hot under the collar and it was time to take a break. The groups' objective is to have a timetabled year-round service run by a train operating company, rather than a heritage service. During Spring and Summer whilst most people didn’t even know about the event, many hours were spent seeking and ultimately gaining, sign-off from the Boards of Wilton International and the Wensleydale Railway. On 26 June 1846, an Act of Parliament authorised the Great North of England Railway and its successor the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway to build a line between Northallerton and Bedale. There are and one in Saltburn, these aren't 'preserved' though, though neither are a lot of others such as the RHDR? The issues with 01529 were quickly resolved by the crew and the charter departed 12 minutes late at 10:42 with 01529 and 01544 in Top and Tail mode to cover the Leeming Bar run round loop. The great atmosphere on-board continued for the return trip and Constable Burton loop was covered along the way in the non-preferred direction. During this 20 minute break a number of the passengers who had parked on the road leading to Leeming Bar station were instructed by the police to move their cars!


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