written speeches of professor lumumba
I regret that material difficulties prevented me from replying to the invitation of President Nasser and His Majesty Haile Selassie. “It is when the boat approaches the shore that it capsizes; we must therefore tread with preternatural circumspection” in these last phases of the Constitution Review Process. United by a single spirit, a single aspiration and a single heart, we shall turn Africa into a genuinely free and independent continent in the immediate future. -Statement made on 26 th May, 2002 at an International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament in Nairobi . Furthermore, a new verb has been coined too; “magufulify”, meaning “to make something faster and cheaper” and “to deprive public officials of their capacity to enjoy life on taxpayer’s expense”. Finally, Lumumba, in order to buttress his argument about. We had to create a new system adapted to the requirements of purely African evolution, change the methods forced on us and, in particular, find ourselves and free ourselves from the mental attitudes and various complexes in which colonisation kept us for centuries. “And like a Catholic priest, President Magufuli says ‘ I hear you, my son…… I will forgive you but you must pay for the revenue loss to the country,” Prof. PLO Lumumba remarked. On the inaugural cultural day at Kabarak University , 30/7/2005 . Let us therefore not deny our origin; but instead celebrate ours as a cultural mosaic not a tower of Babel , but a power of Babel ala Ali Mazrui. Forward, Africans, to complete liberation! The God I worship is not weak. “The press as a player in the field of democracy has a responsibility to convey truthful information about candidates and their policies to enable citizens make informed choices.”. We must therefore not burden God with minutiae. In his farewell address before a joint meeting of both … Ministers, dear fighters for the freedom of Africa, it is your duty to show the world and those who sneer at us that nothing can deter us from liberating Africa, which is our common aim. All of them, fighting for African unity, have said "No" to the strangulation of Africa. Take care, those who shout in support of a new Constitution may not mean it. Statement made on 28 th September, 2002 at a Law Society of Kenya forum after the High Court issued an Order banning debate on the draft Constitution. Not to mention, Prof. PLO Lumumba said he felt sorry for African leaders like Zimbabwe’s veteran President Robert Mugabe, whose country is currently suffering from a 90 percent unemployment rate. In particular, during his moving speech, he said; I am not a Jewish Prophet or a (ruling party) CCM Member. -Responding to Journalists in 2004 after the murder of Dr. Odhiambo Mbai. “A society that does not pay homage and respect to its youth is a society at adrift – a giant headed to the rocks, so said J. F Kennedy and so say I.”. Tell me, can the forest exist inspite of trees? We know the objects of the West. Yesterday they divided us on the level of a tribe, clan and village. Yet in spite of that she is open for all and we are prepared to go anywhere. You will remember that a decisive step forward was taken after that historic Conference. -At a workshop on challenges of leadership in Kenya organized by Twaweza Communication, at Holiday Inn, Nairobi , 8-9 August, 2005, -On the graduation day of Kenya Highlands Bible College , Kericho 31/1/2005. -Statement made on 28 th September, 2002 at a Law Society of Kenya forum after the High Court issued an Order banning debate on the draft Constitution.. 11 th day of October, 2001 during the 36 th Plenary Session of the CRKC. Speaking at the ninth Mwalimu Nyerere Intellectual Festival in the city, Prof PLO Lumumba described the Magufulification of Africa. In reply to the actions of the imperialist states, for whom Belgium is only an instrument, we must unite the resistance front of the free and fighting nations of Africa. According to the Kenyan orator, African countries should not be proud of their independence. Conversely, you’ll see other related Celebrities & Public Figures notable missions and humanitarian efforts through the jmexclusives Blog. Behind most of our so called successful civil servants who have joined politics and business there is collapsed or collapsing public institution they once served. Important to realize, Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba was born on 17th July 1962. Sometimes, and those times are many, wisdom demands that we remain silent. On the other hand, referring to recent happenings in Tanzania, he said it is not easy for a ‘White gentlemen’ to go to State House and express regret to the president for past international business misdeeds. ‘Harambee’ may have had its positive aspects but today it has become the avenue via which looters of public funds sanitize their ill gotten wealth. I am happy to join what I consider to be a very good team and look forward to working together with you and produce a good constitution. I am always surprised when I hear our so called political leaders saying they want their tribesmen to enjoy the national cake; yet, I never hear then talking of baking the national cake. Prof. PLO Lumumba is one of the Trustees and the Executive Director of the African Institute of Leaders and Leadership, Nairobi, Kenya. Be that as it may, his activity and zeal, for example, is making headlines in major newspapers from East Africa to as far as Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. TH SEPTEMBER, 2017 . Advocate of the High Courts of Kenya and Tanzania, and . This is such a time. “When there is a conflict between a decision of a Court of Law and a decision in the Court of Public opinion, I will be guided by the latter. Confusion galore is their stock in trade. We know how all this was organised and, in particular, who supports it today in our house. It is the year of heroic, blood-drenched Algeria, of Algeria the martyr and example of struggle. Such are the deep-going principles of the work you will have to do. All statesmen are agreed that this reality is not debated but fought for so that it may be defended. God has given us lemon, let us not ask for oranges. But how can change be realized when our politicians suffer from amnesia and change political parties like they do their shirts. Participants included the former long-serving secretary-general of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim; former Prime Minister Joseph Warioba, and Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation chairman Joseph Butiku. That this country is so hypocritical that when Barack Obama is elected they say he is Kenyan but I said then that if Barack Obama was to come to this country he would not even be elected a Councillor. We were offered a choice between liberation and the continuation of bondage. Magufulification of Africa: A role model for Africa or another reality of one Person. Our Country must not have leaders whose greatest claim to fame is ill gotten wealth and bellicose speeches at funerals. We must remember that Constitution making is not instant coffee, it is a marathon race. In conclusion, Prof. Lumumba advised that; “it is not all about the mistakes we do make, but it is about the lessons we learn from those mistakes. We are acutely in need of peace and concord, and our foreign policy is directed towards co-operation, loyalty and friendship among nations. You know how difficult it has been for a newly independent state to get rid of the military bases installed by the former occupying powers. We must not use Christianity as a fig leaf to hide our moral nakedness. Especially, if they still can’t feed themselves and continue to depend on the West for even crop seeds. It is a vehicle that opportunistic politicians use to travel to Parliament, nay, it is a mask that he wears to avoid recognition by the electorate. On one hand, Prof. PLO Lumumba noted that African’s political hygiene has been spoiled by politicians openly engaging in corruption. In addition, you’ll find more details about John Joseph Magufuli. Log in, -Forever Living Products Launch KICC, 21/1/2006. We want to be a force of peaceful progress, a force of conciliation. Notably, he is the current president of Tanzania since taking an oath of office in 2015. Of course, Prof. Lumumba is a renowned legal practitioner recognized by peers as a leading litigator in Constitutional Law and Judicial Review Cases. Our country must morally re-arm. He added: ” I feel proud that there is an African leader who can stand up to the international group which has for a long time gypped his country of its proper tax rights…. For instance, a hilarious Twitter hashtag #WhatWouldMagufuliDothat has taken social media by storm. That is, I was a slave of my conscience and not the adolescent tantrums that are common among college students nowadays. If our country is to realize its full potential then the girl child must soar in education like the Eagle. Notably, Prof. PLO Lumumba born Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba never wore jeans in Campus. Not to mention that; he also has been recognized by the Kenya- USA Society as a Leader in the mold of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. 4 Simple Steps, Kenya Coronavirus Cases Surge | WHO Raises Concerns, Can Opioids be taken responsibly? But have we all not sinned and fallen short of the glory of both man and God and our perpetual cry should be mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. The fighting Congolese people are proud and happy to receive their brothers-in-arms in their country today. The only difference is that they gather money, land, houses and cars. -On the occasion of Annual speech and Prize Giving Day at Pumwani Secondary School on 7/8/2003 speaking on the subject, ‘Self Esteem’. Let them worry about what belongs to them. -Address to fellow students in December, 1984 at the Great Court , University of Nairobi. He will not be shaken by the establishment of the Kadhi’s Courts. We are the third world not because the sun rises on the West and sets in the East but because we have engaged the reverse gear and we are moving with jet like speed in the wrong direction -we must change this by rolling up our sleeves and working for the growth of our country. African unity and solidarity are no longer dreams. There must be no more Bizertes, Kitonas, Kaminas and Sidi Slimanes. As can be seen, the Key speakers were Prof. PLO Lumumba from Kenya, Prof. Abdoulaye Bathily from Senegal, and Dr. Mamphele Ramphele of South Africa.


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